Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can it be: 23!!!!

My small collection of Santas:

I'm always flooded with memories as I unwrap these guys each year: who gave each one to me, the circumstances surrounding the gift, how long each has been part of the pack, etc. What are your holiday traditions? Do you collect certain ornaments or figurines?

I was cleaning my corner china cabinet the other day, and fell in love with my Nana's hot chocolate set all over again!

When I was a small child and went to spend the night with her, I slept on a small daybed in her diningroom. At the time, I did not think that having a daybed in the diningroom was a bit strange! I recall laying awake at night, listening to the tick tock of her was not a comfort to me! In the early morning light before she got up, I would stare at her china cabinet, and admire her hot chocolate set. When my Grandpa died, and Nana's health became poor, she had to give up her home and come live with our family. It must have been very sad for her, but I do not recall her complaining. Nana gave me her hot chocolate set, and for many years it lived in a cardboard box, lovingly wrapped in newspaper, until I was married and had a home of my own.

The second shelf down in my corner cabinet, houses what remains of my Nana's coffee set:

She was an excellent needleworker, and used to host her little embroidery group at her home. I don't know if they rotated around to others' homes on a monthly basis or what, but I do have the fondest memories of being included in that group of women. I embroidered my first tea towel while sitting with them. During their little get togethers, Nana would serve coffee in these cups, and of course a little Swedish pastry on the plates. Nana would serve me my 'special blend' of coffee with about five tablespoons of sugar in the bottom of the cup and lots of milk! Oh how I loved being part of that group: Mrs. Lundeen, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Wingren....who else? I can no longer remember all of their names, but I will never forget their loving faces and many kindnesses!

And one more memory before we go:

I've never checked in antique books as to whether these things are valuable to anyone else, but of course to me they are the greatest treasures! I'm sure this is nothing more than very inexpensive pressed glass, but oh what memories this plate evokes! My Nana made the yummiest of Swedish pastries, and often served them on this plate, or another in the set. I use these quite often for dessert when we have company over for dinner.

OK, enough of this little trip down memory lane!



Gerrie said...

I am having a deja vu about the coffee set. Someone in the family had one or someone I know really well. I had a very strong memory from your photo.

Eva said...

What a lovely Santa collection! I dig the long, tall ones. They remind me of antique wooden statues of 2-3000 years ago, as they were found in northern Germany.

Jeannie said...

Christmas and warm memories seem to go together so well. Beautiful cocoa and coffe sets. Have a good one. Cheers

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What lovely nostalgia trip in time.
I could almost see your grandmother for my internal sights. Sitting there with her friends, drinking coffee and eating her home made tasty pastries.
I’ve seen nearly the same kind of coffee set at several flea markets around here, but I have never asked for the price, but I know that this kind of old pressed glass is very popular nowadays here in Sweden.

XO Eva

Carol said...

I love seeing your treasures and hearing your memories. All very collectible these days but priceless to you. I have the little folding Christmas tree that my Nana and Mum brought from Vienna in 1931 and I have some of the glass ornaments that came with it. As well I have glass ornaments from every decade since, right up to last year. This year the tree and carefully packed ornaments are sitting in my shipping container, waiting to move to the new house. Next year the little tree will again have pride of place. I have my fingers crossed that the ornaments have travelled safely. The temperature here today is 90'F and I'm feeling very hot & sticky, waiting for an afternoon storm. XXOO