Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Forty: An Evening with Annie

We had a special treat tonight: an hour plus with 1300 of our closest friends listening to Annie Leibovitz speak, and describe most especially her new book:"Annie Leibovitz At Work". It becomes clear almost immediately that Annie is most comfortable behind the lens and not in front of a crowd, but I still adored her and hated it when our time together was suddenly over. She opened by saying that she had been in Chicago recently and it was wild and crazy....but not nearly as wild and crazy as it is since yesterday's news about the governor. She went on to say that she had also been in Washington, DC where they are beginning to erect the reviewing stands for the upcoming inauguration.....and that wherever she spoke, she was greeted by cheers whenever she said the name "Obama". To which the majority of our crowd also applauded and cheered. She went on to say that when the enthusiasm of the evening seemed to wane, she would say "Obama" just to get us excited again. From that moment on, I knew it was right to love her!!

We had good seats: first row of the general admission seats, so we were only about six rows back, with plenty of leg room. I really think I could have listened to her all night long. Anyway, here's Annie:

C had given me her new book as an anniversary gift, and we had wanted to have her sign it, but alas, here's the line for book signing:

I might venture to guess that poor Annie is still signing books as I sit here blogging!

We've had much needed rain today, and our temps are now unseasonably warm (mid 60s)! C and I agree that we are enjoying these warmer days: pity that they are forecasting snow here on Friday morning! BRRRRR once again!


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