Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Forty One!

Remember this yarn that I dyed last month with Dr Sock?

Well, she came by for a little house call yesterday......there were several ailing patients here, so I had the pleasure of my dear friend's company for quite some time! She really straightened me, I mean her patients, out!

We had to really put in some time on the pattern that I had decided to knit. It is called "Friday Harbor" and it is in Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road" sock book. I love the pattern, but I was also drawn particularly to the name, as it brings back so many wonderful memories of my time in Coupeville with Gerrie, and then on to the Olympic Peninsula with C. The light is poor in this picture, but I hope you can see a bit of the pattern in either my sock, or the picture in Nancy's book.

I cannot wait to get these socks finished, as the yarn is just perfect!!!

In between other "activities of daily living", I've been trying to figure out our Christmas Card design for 2008. Here are just a few of the candidates:

I had one particular design all worked out a year ago, and I had even started painting the silk. I was so relieved to have the major decision over with, and had planned to finish the card construction during the summer. But you know how that goes! LOL So, here we are barely two weeks until Christmas and I've changed my mind and started all over again! Fickle!!!



Gerrie said...

Stop scaring me with all this Christmas talk. I have no time for it. Mr C is making me take time. We bought a tree today.

Eva said...

The pattern of the socks is beautiful! I gave up knitting more than 20 years ago after trying a sweater which in the end looked like a knight's armour in blue wool. I admire the craft of knitting a lot.

Margarita Korioth said...

Congratulations Judy your work has been published!!! I went to the store Joann's Fabrics to buy some candles, walking thru the aisles I spotted the book "Create your own Hand-printed Cloth" by Rayna , opened and the first thing I saw was one of your beautiful silk scarves...so...I use the discount coupon and walked out happy with the book under one arm and yes , also with some candles that I almost forgot.

Anonymous said...
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