Sunday, December 07, 2008

Forty Three it is....but not for long!

So, we're now at Forty Three days remaining in the rule of King W, but not for long!

I wanted to share
with you our darling little creche :

This was a gift from C's sister, Carol, umpteen years ago, and we adore it! I've moved the Magi in, just for a photo op you understand....but you will be happy to know that they are now far removed. And you may also notice that the Baby Jesus is no where in site....and won't be until Christmas Day!

Tonight I made a lovely pot of Lentil Soup in my new pressure cooker. My mother-in-law used to make a most delicious Lentil Soup this time of year, using a turkey carcass. We always seem to have leftover ham bones, and they also lend a lovely flavor to the lentils. I purchased a new and larger pressure cooker a few weeks back, and find it immensely useful for making soups at the last minute. I apologize for the petite nature of this photo, but I didn't take one of my own, so had to rely upon the one on the website where I found the recipe!

So, there you have it: Lentil Soup a la pressure cooker! Bon Appetit!



Gerrie said...

I have that set! Is your gold - I can't really tell. Mine was from an old girlfriend of Lisa'a - made in Mexico.(the creche, not the girlfriend!)

Joyce said...

The soup sounds delicious. I may give it a try but without the pressure cooker.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you take such good care of things. All that's left of our creche--which is like yours--is the calf that's lying down, and one of his horns is broken. My mom's lentil soup involved passing the cooked lentils through a strainer that had a handle and a circular blade attached (the likes of which I've never seen since), so the soup would come out very thick, and then she put chopped up hot dogs in it. The only lentil soups I've seen since have whole lentils in them, like the one in the photo.
xxoo Carol the sister-in-law

Barbara said...

Your nativity set is beautiful! I was thinking it looked like sterling silver! I love how the magi are only there for a photo op and that baby Jesus is yet to be found. Your description made me think of my Mum as she always set our creche up without baby Jesus (until Christmas). Sentimental and lovely.


Judy said...

Actually, Barbara, I believe the set is brass...and isn't it a coincidence that Gerrie has one just like mine! For some reason the pieces look silver in the photo but they are really a nice warm yellow gold color.

As for the Lentil Soup, I believe your Mom used a Foley Food Mill, Carol. That is what C recalls. And yes, it took me years to get him to eat Lentil Soup without the hotdogs chopped up on top! LOL

Rayna said...

Pressure cooker is the only way I ever make soup. done in 20 min! Mine is 45 years old - a Presto cast aluminum that I love dearly. My other one, almost as old but stainless steel, burns on the bottom.
I gave all my kids pressure cookers when they got married - who needs a crockpot when you can make a fabulous stew in 12 minutes? My mother always used one, but we had permanent pea soup on our ceiling over the stove - LOL.