Monday, January 05, 2009

Fourteen ... and Where I've Been...

About a month ago, my quilting/dyeing buddy Amanda emailed me and asked if I was planning to attend our local quilt guild's meeting in January. I pay my dues each year, but seldom always seems like something else is calling my name and I HATE meetings!! That said, when Amanda casually dropped the bomb that Susan Carlson was going to be speaking, I quickly cleared my calendar! I had been intrigued by and purchased her book Free-Style Quilts in Sisters back in 2005, and had actually used her technique and patterns on several wallhangings.

Susan is delightful: very easy to get to know and full of information to share. I loved the outfit she was wearing, and especially the sweater, which she told me after the program, had been knit for her by her Mom, and was originally a turtleneck which she had asked her Mom to redo as she hated the neckline! Look at the cute little flower embellished with the beads! So, I was immediately hooked, again!!

I could show you all 25-30 pictures that I snapped, but I will try to limit myself to just a few, and then put the detail shots on Flick'r for you....but not tonight. (All of these photos were taken with Susan's permission during the guild meeting, with two volunteers holding the top corners, so sometimes they are not exactly straight or totally in focus.)

"Tickled Pink": isn't it exquisite! Susan gives all of her quilts the catchiest names.

This is Polka Dodo (constructed entirely of polka dotted fabrics!).........isn't he wonderful!

I am showing you a detail of his face, because it is just too much!

C said it reminded him of our dog, Barker!

This is "Million to One", the Costa Rican Golden Toad, which was last seen in 1984 and is thought to be extinct:

another detail, sorry, I couldn't resist!:

and this is a Mandala quilt, something new for Susan:

oh, and whoops, just a few more details:

You can see lots more of Susan's wonderful quilts on her website....and if you have a chance to hear her speak, take a class from her, or see her works, DO IT!

I keep meeting the most incredible people in Blogland! Rayna was one of the first people I met when she took the time to answer a question I had posted on one of the lists that we both belong to, and then when I began blogging, she helped me upload my first pictures. I later had the thrill of taking a one week class from her. What a hoot and also a fabulous teacher. A truly great experience was getting to know Gerrie and then spending almost a week with her last summer in Coupeville! A month or so ago, I was 'introduced' to Eva in Germany, and we have had some very fun and interesting email chats. There are lots of you out there, and I hesitate to mention names, because as sure as I do, I'll fail to name someone and then feelings will be hurt, which would hardly be my intention. So many of you religiously leave comments and often email me privately. I feel blessed and thank you! Well, anyway back to my story: several weeks ago Elizabeth left a very sweet comment on my blog, and so of course I curiously visited her blog and was blown away by her creativity! Last week she posted a picture of this lovely bird that needed a home:

and it just sang to me!! I HAD to have her!!! So, I went to Elizabeth's Etsy shop and picked her up! I needed to have that bird. She arrived today, and I am smitten! Thanks, Elizabeth!



Gerrie said...

Lucky you! I love Susan's work and have been a follower of her techniques for a long time. Just cut, glue and stitch. It is like painting with fabric.

Beverly said...

Yes, lucky you! I've got her book too, although I haven't used her specific technique on any pieces yet.

I'm looking forward to a four day workshop with Rayna in April- she'll be in Grand Junction in Colorado, and that is just too close to miss. Something to look forward to through our seemingly interminable winters!

Rayna said...

Funny, Judy, I was just thinking the same thing a little while ago. What fun to finally come face-to-face for the first time and already feel like old friends with our blogging buddies. So, I can't wait to meet Beverly in April (yikes! soon!) - I'm glad I can get close enough to Spanish Fork to do so.

Pixie said...

ohh, I've seen those quilts too, I took a class with Susan...she came to New Zealand! (when are you coming!. The fish I use in my profile was made after I read her book. I love my fish. I Loved the class, but didn't produce anything from it. Oh that rhino. amazing!

Carol said...

Those quilts - I've never seen anything like them. Wonderful for you to see them and to meet Susan. And Elizabeth's bird is really lovely, no wonder you couldn't resist. We're very lucky to have our blog friends, such a nice slice of life we'd otherwise miss. hmm... Barker and the Dodo, not sure if there's a resemblance but both majestic I guess. XX

PaMdora said...

Wow, what a great post. thanks for all the photos, Susan's book was one of the first to inspire me as I was first exploring art quilting. What a treat you got to meet her and see the work first-hand. Great way to start the new year, huh?

Eva said...

These quilts are so amazing, rare as the species they depict, but, in contrary to some, very much alive!

Joyce said...

I'm so jealous! I think I might have to have that book. Her work is wonderful. I just love Tickled Pink.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Thank you so very much for posting Pictures of these marvelous quilts!!! What an absolute delight to see them in person!! It looks like she uses printed fabric and then adds more of her own touches!! Such an amazing eye for color and design!! I have not heard of her before but I am off to Amazon to add her book to my mile long wish list!!!!!
You are so sweet to show a picture of Our bird!! you make me blush again!! i am so very enriched by all of my blogging buddies and I shudder to think about what my life would miss without you!!

Love yA1