Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thirteen - Coming Clean!

We are having some wonderful rain these days, and we need it so badly! I had almost forgotten how comforting it is to fall asleep at night hearing the rain. So, Barker's (and our) morning golf course walk routine has been altered a bit, but that is ok! We can adjust, as long as it's for rain! When he and I finally got out there this morning, it was almost noon, but the temp was in the low 60s and it was delightful: shirtsleeve weather in January! We were just about finished with the course, when I walked past this lovely old tree and bluebird box:

Years ago there was an avid golfer who tended the bluebird houses, cleaning them out after each season and repairing them when necessary. He has since passed on and nobody has stepped up to the plate to take his place. It's too bad, but I do love all of the lichen growing not only on the tree but the house.

As I walked along the cart path, I was reminded of a post by Judy H about fossils, and the ones she had noticed on her sidewalk. I'm always looking and admiring the leaf prints along the cart paths, most made by the tannin in the oak leaves, but also a few lovelies from the pine needles. So, here are a few of my neighborhood 'fossils' (and I won't include me and C in these pics!):

our neighbors recently redid their driveway, and their youngest daughter left her fossil:

these last three are from our own driveway, up where it meets the road:

Show me your fossils!

coming clean:
1. well, I must admit that I have yet to finish my two last RR pieces, but I will work on them diligently tomorrow!!! I have a plan, and finding that plan, for me, is the most difficult part of the journey!

2. my house is clean!! WooHoo! Now I can play, er create, for the rest of the week!



English Rose said...

love those fossils - is there a way of transferring them onto fabric I wonder....

Carol said...

That's the second bluebird box I've seen on a blog today. We don't have your bluebird though we do have boxes for other birds. The leaf patterns are beautiful. Our 42'C day was interrupted by a huge thunderstorm with about an hour of very heavy rain. Sophia spent most of that hour running in the rain and our chooks were shocked that she didn't take shelter under the eaves. It was a beautiful storm and I got pretty wet too, but now it's gone back to hot and steamy.XO

Eva said...

A great way to look at the details in one's environemt even more closely. I will, and I'll have my camera ready.

Judy said...

English Rose: the last three (that were taken on my driveway) are actually indented, so I think that I may try to brayer them onto some fabric. Won't the neighbors know for sure then that I am crazy!! LOL