Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SIX!!!...............no more Mavericks!

Here is the finished quilted pillow top that I was working on the other day:

It had been a while since I had done any free motion quilting, so I got out all of my notes and samples from the class I took with Carol Taylor way back when (how long ago was that Amanda?). As I mentioned the other day, I was having eyelash problems while using the Bottom Line thread, so I switched to monofilament and didn't have anymore problems. I've decided it is time to make all new pillows for our livingroom couch, and my intention is to use my hand-dyed and printed fabrics. And, they will be quilted! So, stay tuned for further pillow talk.

Here's a detail shot of the above pillow, you can see the eyelashes and then the lack thereof:

As we walked on the golf course last evening, we were in awe of the gorgeous sunset. I hurried home in hopes of capturing it over the lake:

Here's how things tend to look on the love seat at around 9:30 PM every evening:

and as if that doesn't say it all:



Karoda said...

what are eyelashes? over the holidays i thought i'd do something totally different...went to the library and checked out books on pillow making, tote bags, and wrapped chord techniques...i just returned them after deciding my focus was beginning to spiral out of control :) so many ideas, so little time...

cool blue, btw.

Eva said...

This quilting is beautiful! I think I understood what you mean by eyelashes. You saw them as a problem; I produce them on purpose because I like the feeling of the rippled surface under my hands. Of course, they should not form disturbing patterns. But if I keep the stitches at the same distance, the effect will be nice and even. -- :-) this is very familiar to experienced quilters, but I am still a beginner.

Elizabeth said...

I love your pillow !! The color is wonderful-eyelashes and all- that term is new to me!!!! Can't wait to see nmore pilows!! Barker is a hoot- ONE MUST BE COMFORTABLE!
I am so looking forward to this weekend and seeing the hind end of all of the current beasts leave the area!!!!!! My brother, who lives in Tanzania, says that all of AFrica is so excited and there are going to be major celebrations there!! VERY VERY COOL!!!

Gerrie said...

yes, it is lovely quilting! I have an eyelash problem. It comes from moving tho fast when doing curves. I just love that Barker. I hope we meet in dog/person some day. We are having unseasonably warm temps and lots of sun breaks! And I am chained to the computer.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What lovely sunset.
Our weather has been very misty today, so there hasn’t been any sunrise or sunset here =(

Margarita Korioth said...

I love the color of your pillow. Looking forward to more "pillow talk" as you said. It is funny because I just finished some too.

Michele said...

Great pillow; I love the idea of creating a bunch of these with hand-dyed fabric. Your sofa looks like mine, except I have three of them trying to squeeze in :-)

Carol said...

Lovely photo of Barker and Elsie and your pillow is beautiful. No more Mavericks - thank goodness we didn't get them. I was meant to move today (after writing a blog to say so) but the heat has nearly killed us so we'll go next Wednesday. XXOO

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