Thursday, January 15, 2009

FOUR and not a day more!

I had a great day in the studio today....printing, dyeing, painting, exploring. Here is a piece of white on white cotton on which I have ironed more of the freezer paper hearts :

I'd already removed the two hearts at the bottom when I took the picture. I was excited to see how the white pattern on the fabric resisted the paint and produced a more visible pattern .

Here I've removed all of the freezer paper hearts:

I really, really like the freezer paper hearts and will probably use some for Valentines:

Now that I've finally got the heat setting on my Thermofax machine adjusted correctly, I am having a ball making screens. I doodled a bunch of hearts and then made this screen, which I printed on more of the white on white fabric:

Here are a bunch of my Valentines:

Remember the gingko leaves that I overdyed the other day? I decided that the fabric needed something, so I brayered some sequin waste and a bit of bubble wrap on top of it.....I hate what happened!!!

So then I decided to outline the leaves with black textile paint, and then I used a black fine point Sharpie:
Finally, I've foiled them:
I think I will do some quilting around them and see what happens. Any suggestions? (It's ok to tell me to just throw it away........I won't hit you!)



Barbara said...

Ooooh! Those hearts are beautiful! It looks like a fun process too.

I wish I had Tuesday off so I could watch the news coverage of Pres. Obama. I know they'll be coverage online but I wanted to see history being made live. Oh well. Where will you watch the festivities?


Carol said...

The hearts are beautiful. I don't think Valentine's Day is very big here but that may just be that I don't pay attention and never watch TV with ads. I'm not sure about the ginkos but I have no doubt that you'll turn them into something wonderful. I think we need to email about the Termofax - I like the sound of it. 4 days - gosh, I hope I don't miss it through moving, etc. XO

Gerrie said...

Do not throw it out. It looks like leaves floating underwater. Lay some bits of organza over it and then a layer of tulle. Then stitch it like water ripples. Do ginkos grow near water? Hmm! Pretty hearts.

PaMdora said...

You're way ahead of me -- valentines!

You could try echoing the shapes of the ginko leaves, either by quilting or applique of more images. Thinking it would be interesting to layer more of the same shapes in irregular patterns to add complexity and fill in some the background spaces.

Eva said...

Anyone can say that, but I just had the same idea as PaMdora. Outlines of ginko leaves crossing over the filled leaves, in a bright colour, I think. Perhaps a light yellow-green?

Elizabeth said...

I would say to keep going with the ginko leaves piece- add more ginkgos- some faint and some strong and then see where you stand!! Love the hearts!!!!
I wish that we could get together and watch the Inaugeration together!! I am getting projects all lined up so I can sit and watch all day!!! The atmoshpere around DC is really really buzzing!!!

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