Monday, January 19, 2009


Can you believe the excitement in the air? I've had the TV on most of the afternoon and have really been enjoying watching the Washington inaugural scene. Can this really be happening here? WooHoo!!! I was struck with something that Maureen Dowd said, and I will paraphrase her here: we Americans feel that our President and his or her ideals represent us all and our ideals. For eight long years I have not only been unable to identify with George W. Bush, but I have been embarrassed and angered by him and his actions. I didn't want people all around the world to think that he embodied real American values. I love Barack Obama and all that he represents.
Yes, World: Barack Obama is US!!!!

While we were in Fort Worth last Fall, I came across a marvelous book and fell in love with Alabama Chanin, their use of recycled t-shirts, and their totally hand stitched items. C gave me the Alabama Stitch Book for Christmas and I've been having a ball reading and learning their techniques. Rather than using one of Alabama Chanin's stencils, I chose my own gingko leaves, and I dyed two of C's old tees. Alabama Chanin doesn't have a purse pattern, so I kind of winged that too:

It's completely hand stitched, which I found really relaxing and fun.

I've collected buttons for years, and Mother of Pearl are my favorite, so I decided to use three on my first purse

I used a lot of the zig zag chain stitch, recommended in the stitch book for seams that will be stressed, as this particular stitch is meant to give and stretch. Since I will use this purse a lot, I don't want the seams popping!

Here are just a few of my gazillion buttons:




Gerrie said...

Yes, I am excited. Trying to keep my cool - like O!!

Now, we know why you were dyeing c's old t-shirts!! Very cool bag.

Beverly said...

Amen, sister!! The only good thing about being sick most of the weekend was being able to lay around and watch CNN nonstop. It has been electric and emotional!! Now I'm plotting how to ditch out of work to see the oath and speech- I want to be part of that live, too!!

Karoda said...

oh JUDY! my day has been so filled with emoitons! i need to sleep because i'm cooking solo a full meal tomorrow but i can't...i simply can't fall asleep...the meal will be simple but i do need to wash collard greens and bake a cake...maybe i should go ahead and get started eh?

but yes! its actually happening!!!!

Jeannie said...

It is like a late Christmas present for us all! I have been trying to decide if I needed that book (I knew I wanted it!), and after your review it is ordered! The alarm is set and I'd better crawl into my basket - West Coast time has its drawbacks! Cheers.

Carol said...

Australian time has even more drawbacks. I'm so happy for you all and I hope all goes smoothly and joyously.

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