Friday, February 13, 2009

The Queen Mother

While I was visiting my Mom at her skilled care home today Eleanor, the Activities Director, pulled me aside and asked if I was planning to attend their Valentines Dance this evening. I really had hoped that I wouldn't 'have' to, and Mom is usually very good about saying that she doesn't want me and C to come to such events. Eleanor said that she thought I'd enjoy it, as Mom was going to be crowned Queen! Oh Boy!!! So of course I wanted to be there and share in this momentous occasion! The place was all decked out: there was a fabulous (and I really do mean fabulous) man singing those great old love songs, the staff was dancing with the residents (even those in wheelchairs, like my Mom), and there were lots of yummy refreshments. It brought tears to my eyes to watch these folks, so many pretty much locked inside themselves, smiling and even singing along. It was a great experience and I'm so glad that I went!

This is Josh, the Maintenance Man, dancing with one gal who was all decked out!

Eleanor is in the center, dancing with an elderly gent whom I'd never before seen out of his wheelchair.

And here's my Mom, as they were presenting her with her bouquet and crown:

James, one of my Mom's best buds, was crowned the King, and the happy couple was wheeled around the dance floor to "Let Me Call You Sweetheart".

I remember my Dad singing that to my Mom many, many years ago, and I wondered if she remembered it too!

Do you remember when the Beatles came out with "When I'm 64" and we all that we'd never get that old? Well, honey lamb, if you aren't there yet, you're fast approaching! And 64 isn't old anymore!! My Mom will be 92 in May, and she's lovin' every minute of life in her skilled care home! You Go Girl!!!!

(I found out later that the staff elected the Queen and King,
based on their willingness to help others and reach out to their neighbors. Mom and James keep their crown for 4 months and then must choose their replacements. Such politics!)



Karoda said...

Oh Judy, thank you for sharing first couple of jobs after college graduation were in nursing homes as social service/admissions director and I am reminded of the fun aspects and stories that the experience gave me.

Now that you are royalty, afterall this does make you the princess, you must be on your be best behaviors...:)

Eva said...

Your Mom is so beautiful and proud! What a lovely event!

Plain Jane said...

sweet story! love the maintenance KID dancing with the lady. And congrats to your Queen Mom!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a nice thing to arrange a thing like that for the elderly. I'm glad that your Mom is happy and satisfied to stay/live at the skilled care home.
She looks very happy and well-satisfied at the pictures =)
Please tell say hallo from me next time you see her.

Kram Eva

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful story and fabulous pictures!!!! I think that this is about the bestt hat we can hope for as our parents age. Your Mom is beautiful and so nice to hear that she has such good friends!!