Saturday, February 21, 2009


I posted this pic the other day of the rayon twill (left) that I was attempting to coordinated with my '08 round robin rayon twill (right).

I decided that the white was waaaay too white, the red was too brown, and the background needed more yellow, so I've attempted to correct all three:

'My' fabric is now on the bottom (I apologize for changing the order!), and 'their' (the RR fabric) is on top. I'm liking mine better, but still not enough. I have yet to wash it out since applying the thickened red dyes, so I suspect that that will become less intense and perhaps more like the top fabric. We shall see. I don't want the two pieces to be identical, but just coordinating. What do you think?

My Art Quilt Explorations class with Jane LaFazio is going along splendidly and I just love it! This week we are exploring painting techniques, in which we first began with a photo of an animal. Jane had used her kitty cat Buddy, and of course you know that there was no question that I would opt for my beloved Barker Baby!

Here he is semi painted:
I got busy this morning, sandwiching him and then putting him under the needle of the sewing machine.

Here's a detail shot of my boy:

This is a great class!

We went to see the Oscar nominated Shorts, Live Action this evening.......great bunch. My favorite was the Irish, but they were all great! I'll be interested to see which one wins.



Jeannie said...

Barker is so handsome! I am really impressed with what you have created in your class. I really like the fabric you created. The deep red looks so good with the golden. Have you thought about a deep dark (i.e. eggplant, navy, black)? Of course, what I see on the monitor and what you see in person may be completely different. Enjoy your day!

Eva said...

The spiral pattern is simply gorgeous! I feel the ambition to do something similar, perhaps try a woodcut.

Joyce said...

I think they match very well now. It's too bad we can't really rely on our monitors to give true colors.
Nice job of needle sewing.

Elizabeth said...

Barker should be soooo plaesed- great job and I love the stitch taht you used for the background!!!
Joggles has just announced a new Jane class to be offered in the spring- May time frame. I signed up for the announcement for signups- looks like a cool class- I ahve never done one of these on line classes before!!

Carol said...

Hey Judy,
Still no internet access - I'm going crazy. Loved catching up with your blog, wonderful work with the handsome Barker. Love, Dooken

Margarita Korioth said...

I'm happy to see that you are using the screen, the fabrics look good together. You have to tell me which pattern are you going to use.

PaMdora said...

i hope the bottom one doesn't wash out too much, I love it the way it is. Beautiful color combination.

hehe, Barker looks so serious in the photo, did he know he was posing for a portrait.