Friday, February 20, 2009

The Postman Rangeth

Actually, I'm not sure if he rang at all, as I was at the gym when my package arrived in the mail this morning. However, when I arrived home, there it sat outside my front door, just calling my name! It was from my friend Jeannie - I'm sure you know her too, as she leaves the most wonderfully supportive comments here!

She and I had discussed using Tyvek in art stuff, and she offered to send me some, as she said she had more than she could ever use. Well, I took her up on it, and so I figured that the box contained the Tyvek. Sitting very prettily atop the aforementioned Tyvek was this:

It just kills C when I open a box and then grab my camera to document the event....but don't you appreciate it? Tell me you do, so that I can read him your affirming comments!

So, here are the truly wonderful contents of the prettily wrapped package:

I'm going to have to take another picture of the gorgeous ATC that is smack dab in the middle of the picture above. It is so pretty and you need to see the details! Jeannie is masterful! I love her work!! She needs to get her blog up and running, so that she can share photos of her lovely pieces with the world!
Leave a comment here and tell her!

I'm including a few closeups of the three wonderful dark chocolate bars that she sent. This is the one I chose to open first...........did I tell you I'd just been to the gym?

I'm so glad that I spent 40 minutes on the eliptycal trainer this morning, because otherwise I couldn't have eaten nearly half of that wonderful bar all by my own self!

Here's another of the adorable bars - it will have to wait to be sampled for another day!

And the wrapper on this bar just calls my name:

Wouldn't you like to paint that!!!

And here's the Tyvek........there must be enough to wrap an entire neighborhood! (I need to get busy!)

Thanks Jeannie!!! You are the best!!!!



Gerrie said...

She sends the best care packages of anyone I know - well, you are right up there!!

Beverly said...

Fun (and yummy) care package, and one of the best wrapped I've seen! Can't wait to see what you do with the Tyvek--

connie said...

Very cool. I have wanted to play with Tyvek also. Let us know how it goes. I do love the fact that you did take a photo of the gift. Tell your husband that we are all crazy like that. I also think Jeannie needs a blog so we can see more of her work. Have fun.........

Elizabeth said...

What awonderful package!!
!. C needs to understand that all packages and the openings of, must be documented for blogging purposes!! I got a glorious gift from an art friend that I was so excited about and I took pictures of opening each segment and layer!! Come on C get with it!!!!
And Jeanne must start her own blog!!! Not only do I want a close up of that ATC but I want to touch it!! She does my kind of art!! She will ahve a follower in me!! BTW- Love what you did with the t shirt in the last post!! this last bit is for Judy!!
Hugs, Y'all!

Rayna said...

Where would we be without our cameras to document every little thing? Tell Craig to get over it - LOL.

I'll be interested in hearing how you like playing with tyvek. It just wasn't for me: couldn't take the smell and even at that, I was ironing it out on the deck. But I seem to be in the minority.

Jeannie said...


Joyce said...

Every blogger documents packages because they usually contain wonderful treats! This one is one of the best I've seen!