Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow & Scarves

Care to go for a dip?

Snow is so unusual here in Atlanta! The city pretty much comes to a standstill. People don't know how to drive in it, there is little snow removal equipment for the streets, and it doesn't last that long - as a rule - so it is rather fun!

We're supposed to go to a play tonight, but we shall see! It may be better to just stay inside and watch some movies. The forecasters are now saying we may receive up to 4" of the white stuff! I am knitting a pair of socks and watching some of the Quilting Arts TV dvds that C gave me for Christmas! How do you stay busy when the weather isn't conducive to your normal everyday activities?

Here's the view to the north:

and this one is across the patio....someone else was snapping pics too!

I've finished a few days of scarf dyeing, and am very pleased with the results:

The above one is rather stripey without using any wax resist. The one below is random large and small polka dots, again without wax resist.

Here's a detail shot of the above scarf:

Stay warm and dry!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

No dip for me =)
Love your scarfs. Really my colors.
Kram Eva

Beverly said...

Ooooh, the texture and color in that polka dot scarf is gorgeous!!

Go figure, you're in Atlanta watching it snow, I'm in the Rockies enjoying a day out minus my coat, beginning to see signs of green.

Carol said...

Couldn't get on to your blog yesterday, felt cheated, but all okay this morning. Love your scarves, love the colours. Finally I have internet but so much to catch up on, esp favourite blogs (like yours), I'll be reading forever. XO

Carol said...

Judy, would you please go to my blog (will do a post this week!) and just put in a brief message so that I can see if Google has changed my email address. I've done it twice now but still seem to be getting messages to my optusnet address which no longer exists. Thanks, XXOO

Jeannie said...

What to do when it snows? Shovel snow, dash out and get comfort food, shovel snow, look through new magazine you picked up when you went to get comfort food, curse that you have to shovel again ... get the idea? LOL! Hope you can get to the play. Cheers.

corryna said...

Judy what a lovely pictures. And I also love the colour and texture of the scarfs. The colours fit with the weather :-).

Elizabeth said...

Lovethe new scarves!! We finally got real snow-9 inches and now the kids are FINALLY backa t school and I can get to the computer!!! Got to tons to do now that I can get out and about!! Thinking of You guys!!! BIG HUGS!