Monday, March 02, 2009


With all of the snow yesterday, I was able to finish my second Nancy Bush Friday Harbor sock! WooHoo:

I love these socks! You may recall that the yarn is some that Dr. Sock and I dyed ourselves a few months ago. I didn't think I was going to like the way the toe is finished (it comes to a point) but actually, it is very comfortable, and I think it may wear well. Dr. Sock encouraged me to use a German cast-on for this second sock, as the top of the first one was a bit tight. I love the rhythm of the German cast-on, and it is very elastic. Now I only have one project in my knitting basket! I guess it's time to wind up another ball of yarn and find another sock pattern. Do you have one that you would like to share with me?

Do you read "Daily Candy"? I've been subscribing to it for several months now, and really enjoy it, especially the particular segment that relates specifically to Atlanta. Last night, Kristin gave me a little blurb out of the latest Glamour magazine, stating that Dany Levy, the founder of had recently sold her company for a reported $125 million! YIKES!!! So I Googled Ms. Levy, and this is what I learned.

And here are a couple of tease pics of my work in progress for my Art Quilt Exploration class with Jane LaFazio:

I hope to have some finished pictures in my next blogpost!

On her blogpost today, Jane says that 'we always laugh in my classes. Always.'.........and yes, even in the internet classroom we are learning, laughing and having a good time! ;-) Thanks Jane!



imquilternity said...

Your socks are gorgeous and even more so because you dyed the yarn yourself! I'm presently knitting socks using Ann Budd's Diagonal Rib pattern and I love it. It's easy and so very pretty...I think you might like it.

Elizabeth said...

Love the socks!! Will have to check out German cast on- I may do it that way anyway as Swedish Gran taught me to knit!
Can't wait to see the new bird Quilt!!
Barker looks fabulous with the extra paint touches!! Well DoNE YOU!!!!!!!

Plain Jane said...

great work on the socks, but shouldn't you be doing your Art Quilt explorations homework??? :-)