Sunday, April 12, 2009

How Can It Be????

It seems like only yesterday!!!!.......that I was giving birth to this darling daughter of ours and then sharing with C in the adventures of raising this awesome child! Where has the time gone?

Today our dear daughter turned 30!...and she was NOT amused when we attempted to tease her about becoming an old lady! It seems like only yesterday that I was turning 30. Do you remember how you celebrated your 30th? I recall that C was out of town, and K was just a toddler, so after I got her settled in bed I poured myself a glass of wine and went down to our boathouse to enjoy the wonderful sunset.

I tried in vain to find a wonderful card for her, but when I couldn't I decided to make one:

I think she liked it...........she is very particular, but she does appreciate it when someone takes the time to do something original for her.

Her gifts???? She is running in a Cancer relay with her company's team in a few weeks and she asked for donations. That was all she wanted for her birthday! Her grandmother and I honored those wishes, but her Daddy gave her a gift certificate to her (current) favorite clothing store.

Her God Parents joined us for an Easter/Birthday luncheon today: smoked ham; roasted asparagus; garlic roasted sweet potato fries; spring mix salad with grape tomatoes, avocado, and hearts of palm with lemon vinaigrette dressing; and chocolate swirl cheesecake for dessert. YUMMMM! Here are our darling daughter and her wonderful, adorable, and oh so amusing husband today at lunch.....and no, he doesn't have a black eye: the lighting was bad and photoshop chose to capture him that way.



Terry said...

Happy Birthday to K! Aren't daughters (well all children really) such a blessing? Mine will be 33 next month and fills my life with such love and friendship and generosity of spirit. It is definitley worth all the bad nights and teenage angst to have an adult daughter to share life with! I spent my 30th birthday very pregnant with said daughter, but still remember the party my parents had for me and gifts of pretty things to wear after the baby came.

Gerrie said...

Hippo birdy to K. No, I don't remember my 30th birthday. Lisa was a baby and Mark was 2 and I am sure there was no time to think about it. Wait until she turns 40 - that is the tough one.

I am glad you had a great day with her - that is the best present for everyone.

Eva said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! I never really thought about it: for a mother, the child's birthday is her own aniversary of giving life. I haven't had this experience, and I believed I wouldn't miss it; now, I'm not so sure.

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. There is really no better friend than a grown up daughter. Well, sons are pretty good too!

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday to K! She is so beautiful, just like her Mom! According to my Mom, I have not celebrated my 30th (or 40th or 50th). She claims she is not old enough to have a daughter that old! Have a fantastic week. Cheers.