Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazing Grace 2 ReDo

I have mulled over all of your comments concerning my last week's post about Amazing Grace 2, and thought about several ways in which I could improve it. The wide open upper right hand quadrant really bothered me, so I've fiddled around with several variations, and this is my final answer.
I like it a lot more now, do you? I affixed a piece of white organza in the dove shape to a diamond of crimson hand-dyed organza, and then outlined both in a gold shimmer thread. I like it! I also put just a blush of the crimson paint stick in both the Amazing and Grace boxes. Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts about this piece! I enjoy constructive criticism..........and as Gerrie said, "You asked for it!".

Here are a couple of detail shots:

C and I took a walk to see this exhibit on Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely afternoon for a walk,
but the bad news was that the museum is only open on weekdays! (We scoured the web site for days and hours, but found none!) The good news was that C spotted this lovely piece of copper in the gutter of 10th Street on our return trip! Guess what I'm going to do with it!! Oh, and by the way, haven't I trained him well!!!

I've been admiring all of Elilzabeth's spring flower pictures on her blog. For some reason, I am very much in love with tulips this year! While all of her tulips were al fresco, I wanted to share this lovely pot with you before they destruct. Our friend Barbara brought them as a hostess gift when she joined us for dinner one night last week. Wasn't she thoughtful! They have the most incredible fragrance.
I will miss them when they are gone, HOWEVER I am planning to refrigerate the bulbs over the summer and plant them around my mailbox next Fall. What do you think? Will my plan work?



Gerrie said...

I think it does help to echo that red color in the upper quadrant. The design seems to have more balance. I still like #1 bestest!!

Jeannie said...

It is visually more interesting now. My eye doesn't bounce from element to element, but rather sees the whole piece. The addition of the third dove and the echoing color was a good move. Well done.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I like The Amazing Grace 2 Re Do better than the first #2 =)

If it was me I’d put down the tulip bulbs right now (after they are gone of course). Then they have time to get big roots until next spring, and perhaps increase to the double amount.
I’m no expert, but that’s what I do with all of my bulbs, and they have really increased over the last 3-4 years.

Kramar Eva

Karoda said...

I went back and looked at the first one...I prefer the first one, looks more sophisticated and serious than this one...I think its the size of the overall quilt and the placement of the elements which does it for me...I'm wondering if you cropped the left or right side and take the steeple out of the center, how it would effect the overall appearance????

Joyce said...

The new element balances it out more. I agree with Gerrie. I still like the first one better. I think it is the basic shape of the whole piece that I prefer. I'd love to see them side by side in person. It's really hard to tell what the real colors are on the computer screen.

Elizabeth said...

Yes!! Much better! you have kept the eye moving around the piece now, not stopping and getting stuck!!!
I love the tulips too and yes your plan should work. if you watn them to come back for a couple of years bury them extra deep!! I love tulips but I don't plnat them unless theya re the Darwin variety which have a much better rate of returningf for a couple of years!!
Well Done kudos to Craig for spying that copper sheet!! Just love it!! Are you going to emboss it?? I love that look and it is sooo simple yet adds so much texture!!

Amanda said...

The new one looks like a better inked stamp compared to the 1st one. Good luck with the tulips , sometimes when they are forced they don't do well.