Tuesday, April 07, 2009

In the Mailbag Plus!

A happy surprise arrived in the mail yesterday! Terri had posted a wonderful bag that she had sewn in some awesome fabrics, so I went to her store's website and ordered some fabrics. Here they are:

I hope to pick up the pattern sometime later this week and then get the bag made shortly! It's going to be fun!

We walked past this lovely iris bud the other evening....I am a total sucker for irises.......are you? Our weather has turned frightfully cold again (freeze warnings for tonight!) and I wonder if this little guy will get to put on a show.

The good news: Shiva Paint Sticks 25% off at my local Utrechts the other day.
The bad news: it's a clearance sale, so they will no longer be carrying them.
I hate that! I love my paint sticks and also love that I can walk to Utrecht from our condo, AND they not only allow Barker inside, but they love on him while I shop! Who could ask for anything more?

And last but certainly not least: I finished my Diagonal Rib socks! woohoo! In fact, they are on my little footers as I write this! Did I mention that it's cold outside? Anyway, they are just as comfy as they look and I'm totally in love with them! Terri from Quilternity told me about this pattern.......thanks again Terri!



Jeannie said...

Love the fabric and irises too! Don't worry, we are sending you a heat wave as Mom Nature didn't want us to get too spoiled with temps in the upper 70's! LOL! So hold on and enjoy your socks they're gorgeous. Cheers.

imquilternity said...

Judy, your socks are absolutely gorgeous and they look like a perfect fit. Don't you just love it when that happens?

It will interesting to see your finished bag as I think it's going to be very elegant with the fabrics you chose. Have fun sewing.

Joyce said...

I got a sample pack of 4 tiny shiva paint sticks and really like the results I got with them. I need more now. They are really fun. Too bad you local art store is going out of them.

Eva said...

Have fun with the fabric! - We have a beautiful public garden with Irises in town, I'll post some of the pictures for you.