Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Few of the Things I Love

I love early morning walks with my boys.
I love quiet evenings at home.
I love small dinnerparties with friends.
I love breaking bread at home or out with family and friends.

I love solitary days with my art.
I love days with friends and art.

I love this little succulent that sits on my patio. How can something that demands so little give so much pleasure?
Wish I was more like that!

I love this view of sunrise from our livingroom window in Atlanta.
Another day is dawning and it shall be good!

I love this view of springtime in our Gainesville garden.
Some years we aren't so lucky to see the Red Buds, Weeping Cherries, and Dogwoods all in bloom simultaneously.

The weather forecasters are calling for snow tomorrow night!
Can you believe it??????



Eva said...

Sure I can believe the forecast. I saw snow on green leaves. -- Wonderful blossoms! We are still a few days away from that (Report on my blog).

Joyce said...

Maybe you'll be able to do some snow dyeing!!!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

...and I Love you ;-)

Beverly said...

Yep, that would be the snow we had over the weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Love your blooming trees and the sunsets are glorious- what a view!! Succulent shapes are some of my favorite plants too- have you ever seen the ones called living Stones? They are soooo cool!! i got to take the hip brace off yesterday and today while grocery shopping I felt my hip go out again!! SIGH!!!
We have had flurries with highs in the 30's today!!!!
No DC cherrie Blossoms for me again this year- not with this hip- DAMN!!
Don't you love how the troops in Iraq yelled to Obama that they loved him. And he yelled back "I Love you Back!!!"
Beyond awesomely COOL!!