Friday, April 03, 2009

So Proud!

I am so proud of our President Obama and our new First Lady Michelle!
What an exciting and intelligent couple we have elected to represent us in Europe and throughout the world!
No longer am I afraid of what our President will say when his mouth opens! No longer do I cringe when I hear him speak, but now I am actually proud and can smile and say, "Yes, I AM an American and this is OUR President!"




Gerrie said...

I so agree. I watched all I could yesterday. Such a with it guy and Michelle is wonderful. Hope your allergies have calmed down. I know that vertigo feeling.

Elizabeth said...

DID you see the story n MSNBC about Michelle visiting the school girls?? OMG it brought tears to my eyes!! I embedded a bit of it on my blog!! She is just so wonderful- even the Queen wanted her to hug her!!
I want to meet her too!!!
I simply cannot get enough of Obama's smile- He makes me smile and fills me with such confidence and hope.
What a stupendous difference he has made for us already!!

TextileTraveler said...

I SO agree with you, Judy. I love that they are both so humble, representing themselves as just "regular folks," when in truth they are NOT--they are both so intelligent, compassionate, confident, ethical, geez, I could go on and on! I so hope that some of their qualities rub off on the rest of us--and I have confidence that they will, because they are true leaders who inspire us to be better people.

imquilternity said...

I'm in total agreement too. I believe our new President and First Lady are exemplary human beings and I am always inspired when either of them speaks.

Eva said...

If Obama needed votes in Germany, he might get about 80%. We all love him! (Although he said he would see Germany send more troups to Afghanistan. But maybe he is so kind to wait until he has pacified the world, then we'll go. The speed he took is encouraging.)

Joyce said...

We cross the border often between Canada and US and have seen such a different attitude in the border people since Obama got in. I wonder if it is orders from above or that everyone is just happier and less suspicious?

Karoda said...

I'm having the same feeling of overwhelming pride and this is a first for me to feel so deeply with amazement and pride in how a President handles himself.