Friday, April 03, 2009

Amazing Grace

Our church, Grace Church, has an extremely active youth group and every summer they go on a pilgrimage. In order to help pay for this trip, they hold a really wonderful and fun auction in the Spring. I like to donate to this event, and this year I am hoping to give two quilted pieces. This is the first one: "Amazing Grace 1". Why 1? Well, it was my 'working piece': the one in cotton. I painted this piece of cotton, thinking that it portrayed a brilliant evening sky. Our church steeple is very visible all over the downtown area, so I really did want it to show. I was trying out all sorts of new techniques on the cotton, thinking I would perfect them and then use what I liked best on silk. Well, I fell in love with this piece. I hope it will do well in the silent auction.

Here are a few detail pics........I'm going to bore you to tears, but I really,
really do like this piece! I used Jones Tones foil (ordered it by mistake!)
and found it much easier to apply than foils I had previously used. So that was a real plus! I thermofaxed a lot of text (the verses to Amazing Grace) and some came out better than others, but that is why I was trying things out on the cotton! The portions of the text that are not clear just add to the charm!

I also did a lot of horizontal quilting, just lines and lines of it....very soothing, almost Zen-like work!

I took tons of pictures of the church (I shared some with you earlier) and decided to use the old stone work on the chapel as the base of the quilt. I had some cool Madiera thread that I had purchased in a class withCarol Taylor, and that formed the outline of the stones, and then I played around with Shiva Paint Sticks to add the gold to the inside of the stones.
I was very pleased with the effect that was created!

I delivered the little quilt to the display committee at the church this afternoon and I was really pleased with the reception it received!

now working happily and peacefully on it's silk companion....and have a few new twists in it!



Gerrie said...

This is really beautiful, Judy. It is so ethereal.

Eva said...

The foil give a stunning effect!

Joyce said...

it's beautiful. Sometimes working on a "practise" piece frees you to try things that work out really well. The foiling turned out really well as did the work with shvia paintsticks. I'm inspired!

Beverly said...

Lovely work- the steeple seems to be floating in the evening sky. I'm sure it will do well in the auction, and help out the youth group.

Jeannie said...

Amazing! It is really beautiful, Judy. I love the depth and colors and I am sure it will be a huge sucess. Cheers.

Elizabeth said...

this is an absolute STUNNER and i would not like it nearly as much if the text were perfect!! THEre is NO perfect, remember!!!????
I love how you have done all of it and I have enlarged every photo and examined it closely several times!!! You should be very proud and pleased. Be careful you wil probably get requests for others!!! Just don't ever promise that they would be identical!!!!!!
Love it ,Love it!!!!!

connie said...

Judy this is wonderful. I love what you have done. What a wonderful way to share your work and help your church. Someone will be very lucky to purchase this. I am anxious to see your next creation.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

A very lovely piece. My favorite colors!

linda stokes said...

It's lovely Judy, pleasing use of techniques, should be a great success in the silent auction. Hope the second version turns out as well for you.

Karoda said...

Judy, this is a very lovely piece...very calming and will do well in the auction.

imquilternity said...

I just love everything about this piece. The colors are wonderful, the quilting is inspirational and the text is just perfect. How nice of you to donate this for auction.