Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Such a silly blog title, huh? LOL Well, you know, when I'm at the gym working out very strange things run through my mind......and '2dye4u' just came rambling through my semi comatose state this morning!

Carol asked that I show you the Shibori scarf (from my last post) after I unwrapped it. I must admit that the anticipation was so much greater than the actual unveiling. I didn't like it! All of that tying, wrapping, etc and I didn't like it! So disappointing! Here it is, lusciously puddled on my sewing table:

I love how silk puddles, don't you? Well, I was not about to be undone by this experience so I mixed up some discharge paste and went to work. Here's how it now looks:

a detail shot:

Here is another scarf that I delivered to the art center this morning:

I really, really love this one!

And here is the third:

I'm working on a few other things right now...mainly trying to finish 'Reflecting on Grace'....and I'll share pics soon (I hope!).

My Mom turns 92 (gasp!) on May 11th, the day after Mother's Day. We are putting together a little dinner party for her, so that is pretty much my main focus right now. At my request, my friend Bobbie is going to whip up a Boston Cream Pie for the occassion. YUMMMM, YUMMMM, YUMMMMMM! Bobbie's Mom and my Mom have become fast friends and we celebrate both Christmas and Mother's Day with them.

We are having lots and lots of glorious rain. Many of my gardening friends aren't too happy about it, as their newly planted veggies are getting too much water and not enough sun. I am loving it, and will never complain........perhaps I belong in the Pacific Northwest or lived there in a past life?

Here are a few garden pics

I cut back all of my Rhodies last year after they bloomed, so
their few flowers are really cherished this Spring!



PaMdora said...

I love the gray one - very sophisticated!

Rayna said...

I like the grey one best, too. Is that why my rhodies don't bloom? What do I know? Next time I should cut 'em back? Your mom is 1 month older than mine - 92 June 12. H.B. to both of them - we should live so long.

linda stokes said...

The gray one is very beautiful but I also like the blue one.
Funny that you're getting too much rain - we're having glorious warm sunny weather & it's supposed to be coming up to winter. We really need rain but I can't help enjoying the sun while it's here.

Sue B said...

I love that turquoise one! Now that is 2dye4 :)

Elizabeth said...

Love all of the scarves- beautiful save on the grey one!!! I am loving the rain too!! I swear that the hostas are growing an inch an hour!! i do hope that the sun comes out soon as the iris, one of my favs- really do not do well in rain!!! As soonas the sun peaks out me antique rose will explode- I have the camera ready!!!

Joyce said...

Very nice scarves. Congrats to your mother on her 92ond. Where does time go???

Jeannie said...

I really like the gray scarf and the feather motifs are wonderful. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Cheers.

Melly Testa said...

Wow. Love the scarves. Yums.