Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Little Bitta Sole

I recently purchased
my summer sandals and was admiring the various sole styles. Have younoticed the bottoms of your shoes lately?
I'm particularly smitten with

my Bjorns (the sole, that is) and need to make a stamp with them before they get too worn!
And check out that pink on my new Merrells! How

cool is that? C hates them, but of course,
I am in love with them!

My blog buddy Elizabeth sent me some truly heirloom Primroses last week. It's about time that I post a pic of them, so that she can see how her little babies are doing!

I also wanted to show you my newest irises! I love these guys, and am really excited to see that there are so many buds this year!



Eva said...

Did you see this:
sorry, hurry. have to go!

Eva said...

To be more precise:

Karoda said...

you could use air clay to make imprints for rubbing...

Elizabeth said...

Yah !! the primroses look very happy . transplant them to the garden before it gets too hot so they can get established!! Do you get your sandels on line?? I need some new good ones that support my lack of left foot arch and I know that I ahve to spend the big Bucks to get the good ones.... SIGH!!!
Happy mother's Day! I am teaching beading class tomorrow! have a wonderful lunch with your mom and Friends!!

cynthia said...

Hi Judy - thanks for the visit and comment :)

You have some particularly beautiful soles! I might have to shop around some more...

Molly said...

The other day I looked at Chris's soles as they faced me on the coffee table and I was surprised to see two totally different soles. They were on boots that were of the ugg variety and he had bought them out of the sale bin at Big Five. Sure enough, when we looked closer, the tops had different stiching, too.
Shows what happens when you send a man out to shop for himself.
I hope there were a couple of one-legged guys looking for a great single boot so the others didn't have to be shipped of to the dump.
These will be worn in serenly ignorant contentedness, however.