Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Little Fiber Art

I told you I'd get around to sharing a bit of fiber art with you, but I had hoped it would be sooner! We went off to the condo for a couple of days and I left my camera cord at home, so couldn't upload the latest batch of pics! ARGH!!!!

But here goes! I was surprised and really quite delighted when a blog reader emailed me and asked me to make a cardigan for her! Actually, I was quite honored, as I often read her blog and am quite blown away by her work. Life has sort of gotten in the way, over the past few weeks, but here it is, finally!

I made a few changes from mine, and I really like hers better. I've noticed that the style now has the midline a bit off center, so I did that with this one. I've also used a bead closure at the top, and I lettuce finished the edges, including the cuffs. The other difference between mine and hers is that I rushed a piece of jersey to add as a flower:

The rushed flower is attached with a snap, so it can be removed before laundering. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I hope she will be as well.

I made this short sleeved tee for myself, while I was at it:

I've created a Thermofax screen using an old letter in Swedish that my cousin Eva sent me. The letter was written from my Great Uncle Carl to my Grandmother Augusta. I love his handwriting.

I am participating in two round robins through the Complex Cloth group right now. This is, I believe, the last piece from the 2009 "Round Robin 1" group. It is lovely silk habotai and belongs to Marea in Australia. I will be putting it in the mail to her tomorrow. I added a series of celtic knots, using thickened Procion MX dyes and a Thermofax screen.

I'm also doing a t-shirt swap. This tee came to me in blue and white with the red motifs stamped on it. Since the t-shirt owner is a red head, I decided it needed a bit of green:
I batiked vines on the tee, but I don't think that they are too apparent in this pic.

And, non fiber related (well, I guess plant material does qualify as fiber, doesn't it?) here are a couple of pics of the clematis blooming in my yard right now:

For some horrible reason, the snails think that the white clematis is a delicacy, and they promptly chew holes in the lovely it is a challenge to snap a pic before they do their dirty little deed!

Here is the one at my mailbox:
I feared that I would lose it in last summer's drought, but it seems to have survived just fine!

OH, AND ONE MORE THING: I'm entering a local juried show and must submit a cd with one picture of my entry. Grace on Tenth is my piece. I'm all new at this, so I'm very nervous about entering, etc. PLEASE tell me which pic you think is the best:



Beverly said...

I had a hard time telling much difference between the first two. I would think either of those would work. The third one is kind of skewed--

Good luck, hope Grace on Tenth is juried in. It is hard putting the work out there, but I'm glad you're doing it!

Oh, the cardigan and tee are lovely- like all your other wearables I've seen. I have a thermofax of my great-grandmother's high school (Griffin, GA, no less!!) graduation essay, and love using it. Handwriting now certainly isn't what it used to be!

Gerrie said...

That sweater is gorgeous!! I thin the top photo is the best. Did you use a flash? It is best to light from the sides and not use a flash when you have something reflective.

Good to have you back with surface design work. Can you believe that we will be having fun in KC in less than a month?

Terri said...

oooooooo oooooooo It's awesome!!!! Totally awesome!!!! I'm so jealous you have blooming clematis already. A couple of mine are just beginning to look like they are forming leaf buds. Love the cardigan Judy!!

Carol said...

I think the top photo. Good luck, I do hope you get in. The cardigan and tee are stunning. I'm hoping to plant at least one clematis so it's good to see yours. Love to Barker. XX

connie said...

I like the skew on the 3rd one. I am a bit off though. Good Luck! I like your cardigan and your t. Very cool. I have been working on a Celtic knot with bias tape. It is posted on my blog. Have a good one.

komodori said...

#2 works best for me. Beautiful work all the way around, Judy.

Eva said...

No 2 is best! The colour of the copper is very natural, and I think it is better not to skew. This might create a misunderstanding about proportions.
I love the celtic knot! On this background, it looks like an ancient book illustration on parchment.

Joyce said...

I like #1 or #2 depending on which is the closer to the true color.
The sweaters are gorgeous.
Flowers, nice. They are predicting snow here on Friday. No flowers have dared poke their heads out.

TextileTraveler said...

Wonderful work, Judy. I'm envious of your t-shirt & cardigan! Good luck with the juried show.

linda stokes said...

I agree - photo one or 2. Good luck with it!
Love the T & cardi, great design & the lettuce edge works beautifully too.

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous tee and cardigan! Wow, you have been busy. I am leaning towards #2, but #1 is good also. Now if I had that piece in my hot little hands, I could tell you better which photo captures its beauty best - LOL! Have a wonderful week. Cheers.

Sue B said...

Judy that cardigan is to die for! and that t-shirt - fabulous! WOW!

imquilternity said...

Gorgeous cardigan and t-shirt!! Wow! I still love the cardigan you made for yourself too. I'm envious of your clematis since I've never been able to get them to grow, let alone bloom, for me. Yours look very healthy! I like the top photo, but agree it's either between the top or the second, depending upon the actual color.

Plain Jane said...

loving that extremely hip cardigan! waaay cool