Thursday, April 30, 2009

Of Birds and Wild Flowers

Have you missed me? I've missed you!
We were on a mini vacation: birding in the Smoky Mountains with our favorite guide, Simon Thompson. Of course, we took a few detours and managed to find some outstanding wildflowers, mainly in the Joyce Kilmer Forest. I'll share a few pics with you:

I love the gracefulness of the ferns' fiddleheads:

Here is a lovely Jack-in-the-Pulpit:
Escargots, anyone?
We take this trip every Spring, but normally the Painted Trillium have just about gone by. Our Spring has been on the coolish side this year, so the Painted Trillium greeted us:
The bark of the Silverbell tree is lovely and inspirational:
This is the Trillium Grandiflora:
The only Bloodroot blossom I found......all of the rest had gone by:
Two Barred Owls:
This tree must have had a happy life:

I'll be back with fiberart tomorrow!


connie said...

Welcome Back. Thanks for sharing your spring.

Eva said...

Wonderful pictures! Seems to be the right time for a short vacation. Nice to have you back.

Carol said...

I missed you. And envious of your birding trip, though no time to look at birds - just flat out unpacking, sorting, cleaning. With any luck I should be bloggind and making books soon. Gosh, I hope so, it's been 4 months now... XX

Beverly said...

Glad you had a nice vacation- you got pictures of my favorite bird, I love owls. Their faces fascinate me.

So now, what will you be doing with all that inspiration?

Jeannie said...

Welcome home! The photos are wonderful. My trillums and Jack in the pulpit just opened this week. Looks like everyone was smiling on you - the owls and the tree stump! Cheers.

Elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing your wildflower pictures!! The snails, I could do without!!! Ever been to the Pacific Northwest??/ Seen the SLUGS- you would understand my loathing if you had been there!!!LOL!!!
What a treat to come upon those owls!! i hav enever seen an owl in the wild- used to hear them talking to each other back in OK!! Pretty Cool!

Jinny said...

Hi, Judy. I love the pics. Hope you're feeling a little better. Take care.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Yes I've missed you =)
Hope you're well again.
Lovely pics from your trip.
We are having a very hot and dry spring here right now. About 80-5 degrees F, and they have fortunately forcasted some rain on Sunday, so lets hope for that. Otherwise the beautiful nature of the spring will fade and die.

Judy said...


Lovely trip you had, thanks for sharing photos.