Friday, May 15, 2009


Merriam Webster's second definition of 'potpourri' is "a
miscellaneous collection"...and this blog post is definitely that!

I'll begin with one of my latest obsessions (basically something to keep me busy while the painters are wreaking havoc in my domicile!). I've been construction several tops using a Kayla Kennington
pattern. The first one, at right, is composed of silk scarves that didn't sell. I think it's a fun top, and I'm looking forward to wearing it.
This second one is crepe de chine that I dyed specifically for this top. I've included this detail shot so that you can better appreciate her seam construction. It's very simple...I had been struggling

with this idea in my own h
ead and then found it on her website.

A couple of garden pics....while not nearly as lovely at Elizabeth's,
I am enjoying my Spring flowers this year!
I think the added rain has really given the gardens a most
appreciated boost!

An Echinacea bud:

Look what I won!
A Liz Berg original!!!
I fell in love with "In
the Woods" when I first saw it on the Fiber Art for a Cure
website and had to have it!

Liz also included a lovely thank you card, but Blogger is being most uncooperative today and will not let me post the picture right side up AND it is insisting upon deleting my entire blog entry every time I try to reinsert the pic! I'm sure that Blogger is from Mars!

This was my Mother's Day centerpiece.
I love the combination of the chartreuse euonymous and the purple Baptisia! And much to my surprise: my iris match the color of the stamped artichoke on my runner!

I am about to tear my hair out: blogger is not being cooperative just know that I tried my hardest to make this post right! The fonts are wonky and the captions may not appear with the appropriate pictures! I'm throwing my hands up in the air and have done my level best, but it's out of my hands!


Gerrie said...

Aha! You and my friend Teri Springer must have scooped up all the Lizzie pieces. I was too slow to get one. Hope you are bringing your new tops to KC! One week from today!!

Terri said...

The peach colored top is lovely. I really like the fabrics you have in that one. The leafy stamped image in that middle fabric, is that a homemade stamp or stencil?

Eva said...

What an abundance of colours and beautiful things! Again, what a treat. The top #1 is gorgeous! I love the green-gold-red combination. The table runner is very interesting, too; did you print that? And the garden. What a lovely place. Thanks for sharing.

Corryna Janssen said...

Hahahahah you are so funny (blogger is surely from Mars :-))

I love what you make and keep coming back here to find out what you have made. You make a lot! I always have to little time to do all the things I have in mind. Maybe if our kids are older I will have more time for fabric art.

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous tops! You are going to be stylin' in Kansas City! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...


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