Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Day!

This has been quite a fine day for me!

Unfortunately, it is late and I couldn't take daylight pics to share with you (I'll rectify that detail tomorrow!) but I'm so excited that I had to share the wonderful news!

First off, somehow my buddy Jeannie found out that I have a special day coming up later this month, and she sent me the most incredible box of goodies! I am totally blown away by her generosity and the beautiful fabrics that she sent my way! You will see what I mean tomorrow!!! Thank you so much Jeannie!

Secondly, I received my second piece of Fiber Art for a Cause....a gloriously happy and most colorful piece by Jamie Fingal, entitled "Make Time For Art "! Such inspiration.

Thirdly, my piece "Grace on Tenth" was juried into the summer show at our local Quinlan Visual Arts Center. WooHoo! This is a first for me, and it really, really feels good! Thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions, especially in regard to choosing the correct jpeg to submit.

I'm still playing with "Reflecting on Grace":cutting and sealing the wonderful rusted piece of tin upon which it will be mounted, and deciding on an appropriate finish for the edges of the quilt. It will hang in our Foyer......but I won't hesitate to enter it in a show or two!

The painters continue to perform their magic in our house. I cannot believe the difference and I truly love the new color! The popcorn has been totally removed from the ceilings in our living and dining rooms, and the new ceiling surface is lovely! C, Barker and I ran off to the city for a couple of days, escaping the dust and wet paint (Barker is like a bull in a china shop where wet paint is concerned!) The change was amazing when we arrived home. They will return on Monday to remove the popcorn on my office ceiling and in the foyer and hallway....and then, and only then, will they finish the painting! The dust is incredible (and these guys are very, very tidy!) and I will have my hands full for weeks to come, trying to get things squared away....but that is OK!

Hope you've had a great day too!



Gerrie said...

Wow! What a day indeed. I love getting a package from Jeannie. She is the most incredibly generous soul I have never met!! LOL

Congrats on the piece for the art show. I forgot to mention that I love Terri's cardigan!!

See you soon.

Terri said...

Congratulations on getting juried into the show. Sounds like you have had a fabulous day. Enjoy it!

Eva said...

Popcorn? The stuff we munch in cinema?

Elizabeth said...

Oh a huge hug of Congratulations to you Judy!!! the piece is so wonderful and deserving of recognition!!!!What a fabulous day for you and congrats on the house reno!!