Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Rest of the Story

Well, I never had a chance to make time for art today, but making art was definitely the carrot that kept this donkey moving! My to-do list was miles long, as there is only so much I can accomplish in the main part of the house while the painters are working. So after our church picnic today, I did a lot of paperwork since my office will be off limits at least tomorrow, and probably Tuesday as well. Anyway, the wonderfully colorful piece above is the second one that I purchased through Collage Mania. It was created by Jamie Fingal, and it makes my soul sing!

Now, without further ado, we'll get on with the gift box that arrived from Jeannie yesterday afternoon. It is such a pity that she doesn't have a blog, because she is such a talented lady and also such a dear soul! :-) I'm so happy to count her as one of my friends....oh, ah, er, and that she counts me as one of hers!

So here you can see her lovely card at the top center, the most recent issue of Stitch mag over at about 11:00, and several assortments of yummy chocolate from 1:00-5:00....that would be that is when Gerrie and I will be enjoying it! LOL Yes: it's making the trip to KC!

Here we have some of Jeannie's fabulous hand-dyed and sun-printed fabrics:

That fern is just to die/dye for, not to mention the other yummy fabrics. And no, Gerrie, they are NOT going to KC, and yes, those chartreuses are mine! LOL

Here we have the portable inner critic box, which contains a lovely bracelet (see more below) which I am fairly certain Jeannie constructed from antique buttons. And yes, the portable inner critic box is going to KC, as is the bracelet!

And here is a detail shot of the bracelet:

Jeannie, I've gotta ask: did you know how much I love bracelets, and Mother-of-Pearl, and bracelets made of MOP that make that certain lovely jingle?
How did you know?????

Thanks again for your incredible gift! It came as quite a surprise and as you know, at the time of a potential meltdown!



Jeannie said...

Jamie's artwork is beautiful! Soon, you'll be making art in KC! I am so glad you liked the bracelet. I remembered you posting about MOP buttons awhile ago and then the library had a book book by Ruth Rae (A Charming Exchange) and the rest is history! Have a wonderful time this week and celebrate! Cheers.

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous Jamie Fingal Piece!! Love all fo the Birthday goodies!! the bracelet is glorious with all of that lucisou MOP!!! Off to KC??? Have a wonderful time arting?????

Karoda said...

om! you and gerrie together again at the SDA conference! how exciting...give her a hug from me!

Karoda said...

oh, and jeannie's work is beautiful!