Sunday, May 31, 2009

This One's for You, Robin

I woke up bright and early this morning, and C begged me to try to nap a bit longer. When he finally got up at about 6:30, this was the view from our room at the Marriott. It was a lovely cool morning.

I zoomed in a bit to get a little closer view of Country Club Plaza for you:

There is a very nice 1-mile loop across the street from the hotel in a park which houses this lovely fountain. We have been walking there in the early mornings, and then going to Starbucks for a coffee and breakfast. Did you know that KC is known as the 'city of fountains'? We learned that last night at the baseball game.....of all places!!!

I attended two morning sessions at the SDA conference. The first featured Jerry Bleem, speaking about "Unconscious Advice for the Self-Conscious". Fr. Bleem is not only a Roman Catholic Priest, but he is also an artist who teaches in the school of fiber and material studies at the Art Institute of Chicago AND, AND, AND: he is hilarious! What a great way to start the day: laughing and learning! I met up with Gerrie and also my friend Margaret, and we headed on over to the KCAI campus to hear Jane Dunnewold talk about "Soy Wax Three Ways". Fantastic!! ........and then the SDA conference was over for me. I loved it, and can hardly wait for the next one in 2011 in Minneapolis!!!

C and I enjoyed an incredible lunch at Gates BBQ. We split the ribs......

.......and the onion rings.
I'm happy to report that we couldn't finish either one! But, they were wonderful!

OK, now here's the part for Robin! You may recall that C and I visited several Fay Jones Chapels last Fall on our trip to Ft. Worth. Robin actually instigated that chapel pilgrimage, and we were so thankful for his introduction of Fay Jones into our lives. When Robin learned that we were going to KC, he quickly suggested that we visit the Powell Gardens and the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel there, another of Fay Jones' incredible creations. Well, we couldn't wait!

the diamond motif is a recurrent theme

I love this quote from the architect, Fay Jones:

This is the fountain just beyond the front doors of the chapel

So, as you can see, we had a fine, fine day!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Looks like you and C have had some lovely days together.
Nice pictures, especially the last one with the roses in the front ;-)
Kram Eva

Carol said...

What a beautiful chapel - you've taken some lovely photos of the Fay Jones architecture over the past few months. OOXX

Karoda said...

Since I've yet to set a major workshop goal for 2011 I'm putting this on my radar...maybe this one and SAQA in the same year!