Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Meet Me in St Louis Baby!

C and I have enjoyed a couple of wonderful days crossing the great state of Missouri and enjoying it's scenery. One of our destinations was Taum Saulk State Park, which houses the high point of Missouri....and yes, we love the High Points!

After conquering the high point (a .2 mile 'hike' on a paved path), we turned the car northward toward St Louis, as we had tickets to the Cardinals game....and I'd never seen the Arch!

Busch Field on an early summer eve:

Sadly, the Cards lost, but we really enjoyed being at Busch Stadium. The food was pretty good, for a baseball stadium, and the locals were ever so friendly!

We got up bright and early this morning and walked from our hotel down to the famed St Louis Arch

I couldn't believe how magnificent it was and how it captivated me!!

Our view from our hotel room yesterday afternoon.......the mighty Mississipp in the background

......the view from the elevator down into the lobby of our hotel

and the view down to my feet this morning in St Louis



connie said...

Have fun. I love the Arch photos, I have never been to St Louis either.

Rayna said...

Me either - but it's supposed to be a lovely city. Nice trip!

Carol said...

I've been to St Louis but I didn't see a thing, and I especially had wanted to see the Arch. I had a migraine on the plane getting there, I spent the entire time in my darkened hotel room, and then I left, still really ill. One of the great disappointments of my life. Fancy going all the way from Australia and missing St Louis! So I'm so pleased to see your photos. XX

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks like you're having fun :)

Happy blogoversary!