Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bumper Stickers, Conference Notes & More!

While I was on my way home from a delightful lunch with Dr Sock, a big old gas guzzler pulled in front of me and I was very disappointed to read its bumper sticker: "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less". What exactly are people thinking????? You can read some cons of this nonsense here......and to think that my dear Newtie is behind all of this!!!! I am saddened when I realize that some people would rather swap the natural beauty of our countryside and drill, rather than conserve. I'm saddened to think that future generations might have to go without petroleum because of the greed of our generation. My purpose is not to make this blog into a political rant, so I won't go any further with this, but I am saddened.

I must tell you that in copying over my notes from the SDA Conference, I was further reminded of the great speakers that we enjoyed in Kansas City. Harmony Susalla spoke to us about the growing organic cotton trend, and the woes of using pesticides on crops. Did you know that only .1% of pesticides reach their target AND that 20,000 people die annually from pesticide-related illnesses? YIKES!!! Harmony has an amazing and refreshing story for such a young gal, so I do urge you to go to her website and read more about her and the emerging interest in organic cottons and pesticide-free gardening.

C and I attended several parties last weekend. My SDA friend Leisa Rich is having a terrific fiber arts show at Atlanta's Callenwalde. I've just gotten to know this incredibly energetic young woman and am so impressed with her creative bent, organizational abilities, and enthusiasm. Here's just one photo of Leisa's show.......this is her ideal world, all created by her own little hands. Can you see the adorable little girl enjoying Leisa's world?

Our daughter, Kristin, has completed her MBA program at Georgia State! Hooray!!!! She and Dave hosted a celebration last Saturday afternoon. We dropped by for a quick visit with some of their friends. I was really thrilled to see that she chose to wear the silk halter top I had created for her last year!

a rather pensive moment:

We hated to leave their party just as it was beginning, but we had another engagement to attend back at home, an hour north, so we hit the road running!

C went to the local farmers' market bright and early this morning and brought home some wonderful finds: haricots vert, beets, and asparagus! YUMMMM

I steamed the haricots vert, roasted the beets, and sauteed the beet greens in olive oil and diced garlic. C grilled a steak and we enjoyed it with the haricot verts and diced roasted beets on a bed of the sauteed beet greens topped with feta cheese. It was a glorious dinner. I go under the knife tomorrow morning: sinus surgery. What a sendoff, eh?



Gerrie said...

Tomorrow!!! I thought it was next Wednesday. I will be holding my breath for you. Just think of all the smelling you will be doing!

Jeannie said...

Trust me, your life will change for the better after the surgery. Now, you may look wonky for a little bit, but it is all worth it! It has been 20 years since I had my surgery and zero infections since - hurrah! Take care and I'll be thinking of you. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Kristin and good luck to you tomorrow! May your sinuses be clear from now on!

Carol said...

Kristen looked gorgeous in that lovely silk top. All the best for your operation - you should feel much better after it's all over. I'll be thinking of you. OX

Karoda said...

sending a prayer up for you this morning.

the little girl is so cute...she looks as if she belongs in the fantasy landscape.

Eva said...

Wish you all the best. I know about sinus problems (not mine), it is so agonizing in times. All will be well!

Rayna said...

Everyone I know who has had that surgery is soooo happy afterwards!
Thinking of you -- and remembering your sinus problems at Campbell. You'll be fine.

Beverly said...

So much to respond to! I hope the surgery goes well, and you get the relief it promises. Congrats to your daughter! That is a real milestone and accomplishment.

Those vegies look absolutely yummy, I love them when they are tiny like that.

And last, rant away- I couldn't agree more. Best thing that came out of our encounter with the cow is the fact that I am now driving a Prius, getting 50+ miles per gallon. I love it!