Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little Catchin' Up

I have been feeling sooooooooo gooooooood that I've been overly productive and haven't had time to post on the blog! So, I really cannot complain! Hope you are really living life too!

I had two most pleasant surprises last week. The first was a long and newsy email from my long lost friend Diane! She is totally responsible for my introduction into fabric dyeing, and silk dyeing in particular! I owe ALL of my happiness to this woman! We've taken a couple of classes together, and when she is not too busy in her hectic life, we email. So, it was GREAT to hear from her. She said that I should expect a package, so this was the second very pleasant surprise:

The lovely hand-knitted bag on the left is chock full of lavender.....and now that my sense of smell is returning, I can totally enjoy it! Diane is an incredible knitter, as you can well see!

On the right is this lovely skein of yarn:

If you look closely, you'll see that it's called Tofutsies and it's 50% Superwash wool, 25% Soysilk Fibers, 22.5% Cotton and 2.5% Chitin (fiber from shrimp and crab shells...it's naturally antibacterial!). I'm very excited about this new yarn and I've already picked out a pattern - it's called Peppermint Twist and here's how it looks in the little demo:

Thanks Diane....thanks for everything!!!

Well, I think "Pieces of Grace" is finally finished:

I've beaded, foiled, painted, quilted, etc. Here are a couple of detail shots:

I may have to put some gold on the cornerstone buttons....just to jazz them up a bit!

With the reno of my sinuses, I also added some new specs AND a new 'do'!

The heat and humidity had about done me in, so here's a rather unflattering photo of the new and much improved MOI!
It's so nice to get up in the morning, take a dip in the pool, go for a long walk with Barker, take another dip in the pool, do some dyeing, take another dip in the pool...........you get the picture! With this do, all I do is shake and walk away! LOL



Carol said...

Sooo great to see you looking and feeling so good. I like the new specs & hair. I like Pieces of Grace, and yes, I would like to see some gold on the cornerstone buttons. It's easy to go overboard with gold but I don't think you would, and it would be a nice highlight. OX

Jeannie said...

Yipee! I am so glad you are feeling so good. I love the new hair and specs. There are some days I am so tempted to go short and red! Amazing Grace turned out beautiful. Keep creating up a storm and having fun! Have a fantastic 4th, too! Cheers.

connie said...

Sounds like all is going so well. I think you look great and I am envious of the being able to jump in a pool. Jump in once for me.

Eva said...

How glad to hear you are feeling fine and being creative. Isn't this what keeps our spirits up? I can see the life in your eyes, and this is great.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

It seems like I always will be far behind everybody else in my commenting on your blog =(
It must have to do with the time difference ;-)
Both you and your "Pieces of Grace" looks great, and I'm so glad that you finally is feeling fine and are able to smell all the scents around you.
Wish I had a pool like yours right now, because we have a heatwave here in Sweden at the moment. The thermometer shows at the moment 28°C (82,40°F)and that's not "my piece of cake". around 20°C is more like my ideal.
Give my best to evryone!

KRAMAR from me and Sweden

Karoda said...

great to hear you're enjoying life! all that shaking may lead to rattling and rolling :) but hooray for short hair!

Elizabeth said...

Love the hair!! Glad to hear that you have a pool- lucky you!! Just think that if the sinuses had not been fixed you couldn't shake your head to dry your hair without causing pain!! I am so very glad that you can smell that wonderful lavedar- It must be like smelling things for the first time!!

i love pieces of Grace and how you ahve embellished it~! Do dry brusht eh buttons with bronze or gold as they kind of look like an afterthought now. Then it will be beyond perfect!!!

happy Fourth!!

Big Hugs!!

Rayna said...

Ah - sounds like you are living the life, Judy!! Your new Pieces of Grace is lovely and I like your new look. Nice and cool for the summer. No jumping in the pool here; it has rained every day in June.

Carol said...

WooHoo! I've finally written a blog post after 6 months of silence. Thank you for all your support during this time. XXOO