Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Few Things

Since returning home from the Surface Design Conference in KC, I've been having a blast simply playing with techniques that I learned in class with Kerr Grabowski or heard about in lectures, primarily with Jane Dunnewold. It's great fun, and I'd like to share a few of my results with you.

This is a silk crepe de chine scarf, with about three layers of deconstructed screen printing, monoprinting and soy waxing. I think I'll call it Hydrangea.

Here's another monoprinted and soy wax resisted silk crepe de chine scarf:

I am planning to do a bit of foiling on both of the above.

This is a piece of muslin that has three layers of soy wax resist on it. It was a very fun piece to create, and I'm hoping that I have enough fabric to make myself a little sleeveless tank top for these hot summer days.

and this is one of my faves:
I was using a technique that Melanie Testa described in her book: soda soaked fabric with leaves painted on with a tjanting and then dye painted, more dye added with an extruder, monoprinting and finally some crackled soy wax. I really love this piece!

Here is an update on the soy silk fusion piece that I am beading in my spare time.

That's it for today! Hope your day is lovely!



Gerrie said...

Love all of these, but especially the Mells inspired piece. What are you planning to do with the gorgeous beaded piece?

Jeannie said...

I knew you were feeling better and creating up a storm! Beautiful work! I love all of them, especially hydrangeas and the Melanie inspired piece. What is an extruder? Keep having fun! Cheers.

Diana Parkes said...

Your pieces look great Judy. Very satisfying to get such good results.

PaMdora said...

I can see why it's your favorite, the leaves are beautiful!

Carol said...

The scarves are beautiful but I'm just blown away by the soy silk fusion piece. It just looks stunning with the beading. I have all the makings for something like this - stashed away in an unpacked box - when I find them I'll have a go, maybe even do some beading. Well, my intentions are good, wonder how many years it will take me to act.

Joyce said...

You seem to have taken a great leap forward with all your new techniques! Beautiful, all of them.

Karoda said...

I'll have to remember to upload the silk paper I'm beading on...its blue and on a grid. I thought about cutting the beads off a few days ago but didn't.

As you prolly can guess I didn't make it to Kerr's workshop at Arrowmount, but I'll be pulling out the dvd later in July.

Keep having fun!

Eva said...

The cracked wax piece is just gorgeous! The best among a number of great results. And it must have been fun to do these.

Plain Jane said...

Lovely!! Melanie would be proud of your leaves. She was here teaching her soywax much better than that old parafin.
And I love the beaded silk fusion piece. yum!

TextileTraveler said...

They're all beautiful, Judy. Ok, that's it, I'm not putting off ordering that soy wax any longer!