Sunday, June 14, 2009

The RollerCoaster Ride

I seem to recall that Day 2 Post Op is not pleasant, then Day 4 comes back and hits you upside the head just when you think you are really feeling good. Is that right? Does anybody remember? Anyway, today started out fine, with us walking Barker throughout our Midtown neighborhood and then stopping at Starbucks for coffee, pastries and the New York Times. Then I got really, really tired and sort of achey. I think I just overdid it, because after a wonderfully luxurious 3 hour nap, I'm fine! I am laying low however. We are off to see a play at the Horizon Theater, and then out to dinner.

Here is the soy silk fusion piece I've been beading. Unfortunately, I left the beads at home and brought the piece to Atlanta! ARGH!!!

I'm participating in Melanie Testa's Inspired to Quilt Video Prompt exercises. One of the lessons involves drawing with the non dominant hand. I've never allowed myself to take the time to draw, so actually, there isn't a lot of difference between my non dominant hand (background in reds)
and my dominant hand! LOL
I do have my sketchbook here with me, and my Pelikan watercolors, so it's nice to just kick back and do a bit of doodling.

You can now find me on Facebook at "JudyintheDyes"....what else?

Hope you're having a great weekend!



Carol said...

So good to hear you're okay in spite of the setbacks. Hope that from now on it's going to get better and better. I love that you're able to smell the flowers at last. I'll check you out on Facebook. XXOO

Rayna said...

Judy, that's par for the course - two steps forward, one back...till they are all forward! Just relax and pamper yourself a bit - I know it isn't easy to sit still!

Glad you're coming along and I'm thinking of you. HOpe you enjoyed the play and dinner out.

Eva said...

Hope you will have recovered soon! And, as Rayna said, don't overdo it. Remember that fun is more dangerous than duty -- because we can't get enough!

Barbara said...

Judy, so happy to hear you are recovering nicely from your surgery. I'm sorry these well wishes are a bit late. End of the year craziness has kept me from visiting all of my blog friends. Glad you are on the mend. Happy Weekend!