Tuesday, June 16, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friends!

Things are looking lots better on this front! YAY!! I hope life is good for you too, wherever you may be!

This is a fiber post, 'With a little help from my friends'! Actually, today was the first day that I've even felt like going out to the studio....so you know how lousy I was feeling and how much better I feel now! I think three hours of anesthesia just really did me in, because my nose has not hurt very much.

Here is a very lovely piece of shibori that my blogger bud Gerrie surprised me with for my birthday while we were out in KC. That Gerrie sure does have a hand for dyeing, not to mention registering an entire Surface Design Association conference!

The next two wonderful pieces arrived in our mailbox a week or so ago from my very talented mixed media friend Elizabeth. This first pic really shows the elements that Elizabeth was rusting. (Elizabeth is even more of a dumpster diver than I am....now Elizabeth, don't you deny it! LOL)

and look at this gorgeous piece of sunprinted fabric that she included:

I wanted you also to see the lovely ribbon that she wrapped all of the goodies in....so coordinated!

This last piece of Dupioni silk arrived yesterday from my new friend Deborah in SoCal:

We were classmates in Kerr's Deconstructed Screen Printing class at the SDA conference. I had run out of muslin so I asked Deborah if I could borrow a piece from her, and I would replace it later. Well, time got away from me, as it often does, and I didn't find an opportunity to buy her some muslin at the school store, so I tore off a hunk of Dupioni that I hadn't used and gave it to her with the specification that she send me a picture of how she used it. Well, better yet, she played with it and then sent half to me and kept half! I could easily frame this piece as is (there is a lot that the picture doesn't show, including foiling) but I'm trying to think of a fun way to really use it...any ideas?

Thanks again to all of you for your packages, cards, private email wishes, etc. As I said above, I think the anesthesia is both the best and the worst part of this procedure. My Anesthesiologist had me flying for a good 24 hours post op...as many of you will recall....but then the 3 hour procedure just left my body weak. It's behind me now, and I won't discuss it again: PROMISE!



Carol said...

Nice mail you're getting and that piece from Deborah is gorgeous. So pleased to hear you're feeling better but take it easy for a while longer. XO

Gerrie said...

You always find a great use for those special fabrics - an ipod or cell phone case - a little evening bag. So glad you are feeling up to snuff - get it snuff - har har!!

Jeannie said...

Wow! Fantastic mail! I am so glad you are feeling better. Unlike Gerrie, I can't think of a funny pun this late at night! Hope you are planning some time in the studio this week and stop to smell the roses - now that you can!!!! Cheers.

Eva said...

The pink piece might be a collar and cuffs for a boring blouse, subtly quilted. Or, also quilted, a cushion cover, with matching binding perhaps.

Eva said...

P.S. I believe that framing is for really antique pieces to keep them from being touched, but that's the fun about fabrics: To touch them, isn't it? I would not jail fiber work behind glass.

Elizabeth said...

So glad that you like your rusty pieces! I am thinking aobut making up rusted fabric collage packs and selling them on my Etsy site.
I ahve many birds all cut and waiting by the sewing amchine to go in my shop as well. Kids done with school- raining hard!
So glad that you are well again!! Did your smell really return???
Happy Creating!!

linda stokes said...

Gosh! a lot's happened since I last visited your blog. Glad you're feeling better now.
I was interested to read about your class with Kerr, some interesting fabrics produced. I'd so love to do a course like that.
Thanks for sharing.

Karoda said...

I had to do so catch up reading here...first, great to know the surgery was effective and you're smelling fragrances you've missed.

Its been my experience that medical staff don't really inform thoroughly enough about the effects of anesthesia in the body...it seems to take a while to cycle out of my system.

And for a bit of synchronicity...I have a piece of silk paper hanging on the wall that I've started to bead on, nothing serious, just trying to get an idea for it since I love making silk paper but haven't a direction for using it!

I'll look for you on FB!