Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bizzy Daze

We have been celebrating C's birthday for about a week now....why celebrate for a mere 24 hours if you can extend it over a week? Sunday night we went to the Braves/Mets game, and besides enjoying very cool temps and the company of our friends Sue and Joe, we loved seeing our Braves win big: 7-1! Tuesday night we went out to dinner with Molly and Keith, and then enjoyed watching the GBraves (AAA minor league Gwinnett Braves) beat up on Norfolk. Last night we went out to dinner in Atlanta at The Nook and then went to Joan Baez's concert at the Botanical Gardens. Again, the weather was perfect and we so enjoyed hearing Joan sing so many of her ballads.

I'm feeling so good since my sinus surgery that I'm managing to find time to do a lot of gardening (which pretty much went by the wayside last year) AND play in the dyepots! YAYYY! What a great life!! I saw my ENT surgeon this afternoon and he has totally released me for SIX MONTHS!!!! All of the inflammation is gone and I am on ZERO meds!!! WooHoo!!!

Here's a tee that I tried out some new techniques on:

I really, really like how it turned out. It's a Dharma tee and I can't find anymore of this style on their website (let me know if you find it!) and unfortunately, this one is a Large, and is too big for me. ;-(

Here's a detail shot. The neckline, sleeve cuffs and bottom edge all have that great lettuce stitching. The neck is I think what is called a boat neck, so would look great with a strappy camisole.
Anyway, I'm going to offer it up for sale for $60, which will include shipping and handling. Please email me privately if you are interested.

I made a Thermofax screen from some petite Cypress branches the other day. I've been playing around with acrylic paints and screened this on some card stock. You may be receiving one of these in the mail in mid December!

And very late this afternoon, I finally got "Reflections of Grace" mounted on it's piece of sealed, rusty tin. It is hanging in our Foyer at the present time, hence the railing in the lower left of the photo:

I will take some more pictures of it tomorrow when the light is better, but I wanted to share it with you now, as I'm feeling pretty pleased that it is completed!



Gerrie said...

Every thing looks great. I love the cypress screen and Grace looks wonderful on the tin background.

Jeannie said...

Echoing Gerrie! Love the colors and texture in all. Cheers!

Carol said...

All good news in this post. C's b'day, your team's success, your good ENT report, your lovely tee, the screen print and "Reflections" completed. Wow! You're a dynamo Judy. OOXX

Karoda said...

Aren't you enjoying the summer season!! (I type as the my washing machine whirls, hehehe) Good for you!

I'm still stretching to see how Gates over-reacted based on the readings...over reacting would have been something akin to telling the police to get the hell out of my house before I put my foot where the sun don't shine or in Gates' case "my cane".

dyedianadye said...

I love the cut of that tee - and it's hiding in Dharma's junior section: