Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dyeing to Show You

I've been having some fun dyeing new napkins and a table runner for our dining room. Our church dinner group will be our guests this coming Sunday evening, and I probably should be cooking, but surface design interests me more! I began by doing two layers of low water immersion on this cotton:

I serged a rolled hem around the edges and then waxed and crackled each napkin and rolled on some darker blue dye. This afternoon I discharged the stork and feather motifs.

I really like how they turned out. Now I've got to buckled down and quilt the table runner. Maybe I'll even get it done by Sunday....and some food prepped too!

I finally finished hanging all of my beloved art work on 'my' wall in the kitchen. The new chocolate brown paint makes a very nice background for my lovely pieces. Do you see one or two of yours here?

There are so many pieces by Facebook and Blogger friends, and of course several by my beloved church buddies Barbara and Robin. When I am at my sink, I can gaze across the room at this inspirational wall. The colors are so exciting!! To the right of this wall is the doorway into my sewing room, so I can't help but be in the mood to create when I pass by....and then there's Jamie Fingal's reminder at the top center: "Make Time for Art". I just love my new wall, and thank you all for contributing! That said, I must tell you that two beloved pieces are missing: the wonderful birds created by my blog buddy Elizabeth. I just couldn't move them from their perch of honor above my sewing table, where they gaze out the window at the lake!



imquilternity said...

Your napkins are truly lovely! I love the stork and feather motifs...that added just the perfect touch!

Elizabeth said...

I just adore what you have done with these pieces!!! I want to make some fabric for sewing a jacket/shirt using those techniques!!!!
your inspiration wall is wonderful. Love how you ahve unified it with the colored skewers as holders for the art quilots!!

Clever, Clever girl!!!!

connie said...

I love the colors in your napkins. These look like they are going to be a hit of your dinner party. I love your wall of art too.

Trish Goodfield said...

I'd much rather be playing with dye than cooking as well. Your guests will be entranced by your napkins.

Jeannie said...

With those napkins, I wouldn't care what you served for dinner! Gorgeous! Cheers!

Karoda said...

the dyed napkins and runner are impressive indeed and I hope you don't wear yourself out in the kitchen and be too tired to enjoy all the beautful compliments you're sure to receive on them.

Eva said...

I love this bird cloth! Just perfect!