Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Results are in!

Well, the great 'washout' occurred early this afternoon. Most of you will know that by washout, I don't mean that the results were a bust, but simply that I washed out the excess dyes!

So, with the added layer of Midnight Blue, this piece

became this:
I was not thrilled as I had hoped that there would be more remains of the tan and the lighter blue. BUT, the idea is to learn, and I certainly did! If everything went as I planned, I'd be bored and have a swelled head! LOL Oh yes, and those pesky little fuchsia freckles got into the midnight blue as well! Darn, I should have strained it!!

The great results were with this scarf, which I'm calling "Petals". I just love it!

here's a detail shot, which really shows the three layers of dyes:
My comfort zone seems to be in this palette lately, so I am trying a different approach with the next scarf. I'll also get back to work on the first 'project' I showed you, but not tonight!



Carol said...

Finished scarf is gorgeous. I'm amazed at the difference between 'this' and 'this'; so interesting to watch the process.

Eva said...

I can imagine what the midnight blue one was meant to be, and it seems that dyeing is some kind of sourcery. The transparent look of the "petals" scarf is very convincing indeed. But I also like the ragged edges of the resist on the first one, and I don't think the fuchsia freckles are a disturbance, on the contrary!

Karoda said...

boy, did that piece change...and how do you strain? with a sifter?

connie said...

What a change, if you had not told me I would not have imagined one going to the other. If everything went along perfectly you would not be learning. HEHE

I love the scarf it is very nice!