Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fresh and Local

We are blessed with many farmers' markets in our area, and our local fruits are in great abundance this year. We've been enjoying the Geogia Belle Peaches for a couple of weeks now, and I picked up the wonderfully sweet and succulent white watermelon at the market at the Cathedral of St Philip in Atlanta on Saturday.

I hadn't seen one of these for many years: the last one was purchased by my brother-in-law Jacinto while they were visiting us back in the 80s. And this one is every bit as sweet and juicy. I've been adding slices to my morning yogurt: MMMMMMMMM, splendid!



Elizabeth said...

Get me a rag, I am drooling on the keyboard!!!! Peach blueberry cobbler anyone????????
What do you think of my fabrics???

Anonymous said...

We loved that watermelon and still remember it and the delicious Georgia peaches. Thanks for the memories (as Bob Hope would say).

Carol said...

I've never seen a white watermelon but now I'll be checking out the nursery catalogues. Sweet and succulent sounds good to me. We certainly don't have Georgia Belle peaches but I am looking forward to our peach season here.