Friday, August 14, 2009

It's All for Paul

........well, actually, it's all for the Piedmont Park Conservancy! Paul McCartney will be appearing in concert tomorrow night at Piedmont Park, benefiting the conservancy. How grand is that? The park is just a couple of blocks from our condo, so we walked down there this evening.

the stage is enormous.........I don't think you can get the full perspective in this photo

just a few of the liquid refreshments:

what goes in, must come out:
I finished constructing this silk/linen blend dress yesterday. I had waxed, dyed, rewaxed, and redyed the fabric, and then it sat for about a month in my sewing room.

It's very comfy and the fabric (from Thai/Exotic Silks) is terrific!

since you only got part of my Barker in the above picture, I thought I'd give you a better view:

Looks can be very deceiving: Barker is the sweetest, most lovable dog I have ever known, but until he gets to know you (and in this case, the camera!) he won't give you the time of day! We are on our way to New Hampshire for a week of vacation, so Barker is at home with our faithful and most capable housesitter. They love eachother dearly, so I know that he is fine, but I am missing him tonight! WAAAA!!!

While everyone else is going to see Julia and Julie, we took in 500 Days of Summer this evening at the Midtown Promenade Cinema. It is really good: C said it would be a chick flick, but we are both now thinking that it was more of a guy flick. C and I came away with differing opinions on the sentiments, but we both enjoyed it, the soundtrack, and the different approach to the screen play.



Eva said...
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Eva said...

Curious on your report! Paul McCartney in a walking distance -- how cool is this? And the dress looks great! You will get compliments, I bet.

Anonymous said...

We saw Paul on a Letterman rerun two nights ago. What a great guy. Give our regards to Golden Pond. Maybe next year...

Karoda said...

Judy, Judy, Judy (was that Clark Gable?) you are rocking that the colours the style!

Tell Paul I said "smooches"

Carol said...

You look so trim and fabulous in that lovely dress - I'm assuming it's you though a full shot would have been nice, need I say! And of course the handsome boy is divine, even if aloof - and who can blame him? If you won't put your face on the photo he probably feels he should have been a body shot too. What a profile! XO

Jeannie said...

Stylin'! You look fabulous and I bet the dress feels wonderful to wear. Of course Barker always looks like he just got back from the salon. Are you going to the concert? I saw him ages ago and it was a wonderful concert. Have fun on your trip. I haven't been there in thirty years! Play nicely in the car. LOL!

PaMdora said...

Barker looks very indignant in that pose!