Saturday, August 29, 2009

Honoring Ted Kennedy

If you want to help do your part for health care reform, go here and sign the petition honoring Ted Kennedy!



Barbara said...

Judy, thanks so much for sharing this link! I have added it to both my FB and blog. I have been watching the coverage of his funeral, laughing and crying....
He is such a part of MA history as well as US history. His work is so important.


Elizabeth said...

Bless You!! I ahve just finished a post about Ted. i have passed on your link to many folks. We are back form the beach. Came back on Friday, so I got to see all of the Memorial and the funeral- Laughing thru the tears.


Karoda said...

Thanks Judy for the link...this morning I was thinking how news coverage leans to heavily on covering the lunatic fringes that I need to hear in more detail what progressive thinkers and organizations are doing...I understand why the other is covered but for the love of Ted Kennedy lets truly move forward!