Friday, August 28, 2009


Several of you emailed me with questions about Alabama Chanin's wonderful Over the Arm Pin Cushion that I wrote about yesterday. So I'm furnishing another picture of it, stretched out so you can get a better idea of just how versatile it really is. As you can see, there are pockets at each end, which go over the arm of your chair, and then there is the pin cushion in the middle. What you cannot see is behind the little tool pockets are little sections that are stuffed with grains of rice (uncooked, of course!). As you can well imagine, the rice weights down the entire pin cushion assembly, and it really stays put on the arm of the chair! I love mine and need to make several more!!!

So last night I put my new pin cushion to good use and did some handsewing on this little wall hanging that I began in a class with Pamela Allen several years ago. In my personal "One x One" quest, I hope that this piece is next at the finish line!



Carol said...

That's a very pretty wall hanging you're making. I'm about to send you baby pics. XXOO

Rayna said...

Pin cushion? What a thought! Of course, you have to be able to sew to make one of these. That lets me out.

Enjoying catching up on all your projects and I meant to ask you a while ago - what/where is Squam? An island in the Caribbean? A compound somewhere? Do you own it? Do you go there all the time?
Such a mystery to me.

Molly said...

I am inspired by your pause-to-catch-up period. Marcia did that recently too, finishing old projects that had been lying around. If only I could clear a way to the cupboard to get started...