Thursday, August 27, 2009

One x One x Two

Well, I've finished another WIP (work in progress) that I started months ago! YAYY!!! This is the Over the Arm Pin Cushion from Alabama Chanin's book. I love her designs and techniques, and have really felt the need for one of these pin cushions for a long time. I meant to bring it in to my chair in the den, but have already been using it in my sewing room! Hmmmm: maybe I'll need to make another?

Here it is this morning as I was just sewing up the little tool pockets and attaching the pin can see a bit of the wool batting that I was going to use for stuffing.

And voila, here it is in action!

Oh, by the way, if you don't know about this: it is made from recycled t-shirts. The white one is from my husband and the black and green ones are from the thrift store. Chanin works only with recycled tees! How cool is that!!!

As for the wool batting, my good friend Molly's Mom, also named Judy, raises wonderful sheep, and I love to use her wool is so soft, and the lanolin is great on my hands!

Do you remember back in May when we were having some interior painting done on our house? I was a bit devastated as I had to cut down my 'monster' rubber tree which had been happily growing all over the wall in the is difficult to paint around a tree, I admit! Well, when we got home from vacation, this is what we found:

It has sprouted new growth at the top of one of the two 'trunks' that I left behind! My dilemna is how I am going to get it back up the pillar and onto the wall again. I'm thinking of how nice a copper support would look...........but it'll probably be bamboo, knowing the price of copper these days!



Gerrie said...

Love the pin cushion, but I would probably lose it!!

Take care! XXOO

Eva said...

The pin cushion with a pocket! That's clever. I keep looking for my scissors. -- Wool batting is great! I used to stuff my pincushions firmly with synthetic batting, ad the result: The pins and needles won't go in! What a nuissance after all the work I put into it!

Corryna Janssen said...

This is so lovely. I love these kind of holes in fabric, that let you see what is underneath. On my blog is a link to someone who does this technique with cloths. And in the shops you can also see this technique, like at I just bought to many new cloths last month. I just love the fashion at this moment.

Judy said...

Gerrie: you'd have to be pretty clever to lose that pin cushion! The ends are filled with rice, so they are weighted down and will not slip off of the chair's arm.

Elizabeth said...

Love this pin cushion storage thingie!! Just perfect!! I must make one for myself!!!!