Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peaceful Days on Golden Pond

We're enjoying lovely, peaceful days here on Squam. K and I took a little road trip the other afternoon, visiting a few shops of interest to both of us. C and I drove over to Portland, Maine yesterday to visit his best childhood friend, and we also enjoyed lobsters and clams. K & D ran in the camp's 5K road race this afternoon; she came in first in the ladies division and D, who actually finished 2 minutes ahead of her, was third in the men's division. We are very proud of them both! They have been working away on this puzzle during their leisure time, and hope to finish it off tonight.

C has finished reading one book and a couple of New Yorkers. I've been reading a bit, knitting scarves, swimming a lot, walking some, and working on this tee that I dyed a few weeks back.
It's nice to have some handwork in the evenings!



Elizabeth said...

looks divine!! Love that picture of Kristen and Dave!! that is a keeper!!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Congratulations to K and D's place numbers in the 5K race!!!
Give them my regards and big hugs =)
It seems like you're having a wonderful and rich holiday together.
I'm inclined to confess that I'm actually a little bit envious of your family holiday :/


Joyce said...

That sounds like an ideal holiday. Except maybe for the running - all right as long as somebody else is doing it. Lol.

Carol said...

Just the perfect holiday and wonderful to have family and peaceful occupations thrown in. So pleased to see you working on your tee and doing some knitting - I'd hate to think you were just lounging around all day. xx