Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Circles of Life

While I walked yesterday, I was thinking about Jude's recent post about circles, and so that was where I pointed my camera. Hope you enjoy!



Eva said...

A circle of circles: The black kind of berries. What a decorative plant!

Elizabeth said...

Have you found any blueberries??? My bro was upat little Squam two weeks ago and he said that they w ere everywhere!!! We used to go up tot he top of Frisky Hill and pick wild highbush blueberrries for hours!!! yum Yum!!
now I am off to visit Jude's blog!
Big hugs!

PaMdora said...

Your circle of life post is very clever! I wouldn't have thought you could find so many circles on a walk outside.

komodori said...

Wonderful post! You have such a keen eye. Enjoy the Squam and love to everyone.

Plain Jane said...

I love this too! it's amazing what we can see when we really look. Beautiful circles.