Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Girl in Town

Well, actually, there are two new girls in town....or maybe I just feel like one of the new girls because I have a new, clear lens in one eye? It's amazing how cleared up sinuses and improved vision can also improve one's view on life and productivity! I haven't blogged because I've been so busy rediscovering all of the things that I love to do that I simply haven't had time! But back to the main topic of this blog: the new girl! Meet Ethel:

She's the spittin' image of me, but she seems to have lost her head somewhere along the way....and those shapely legs! And what is she doing in the kitchen (not enough light to photograph her anyplace else tonight!)?? I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a dress form: something I've been contemplating for a very long time, and actually something I've always wanted! But the gall of this Ethel: she is wearing an outfit that I had designed for myself!! I'm going to have to have a serious talk with her!!! I dyed both the skirt and the tee fabric, need to put the finishing touches on the tee and also hem the skirt. Ethel will make my life so much easier!

I've had a busy week with baseball games, Dr's appointments, a quarterly conference at my Mom's skilled care facility to make sure we all remain on the same page as to her care (they were not, but I set them straight!), and a wonderful visit yesterday with my fiber artist friend Anne. We don't get together often enough, and whenever we do, we vow that we won't let so much time pass before the next. This time, I went to her lovely home, and she even prepared a yummy lunch! We chatted, ate, chatted some more, and then she gave me a tour of her incredible studio:

Ahhhhhhh: so much light and so clean!!!!! I am totally inspired! Anne does the most incredible painting on silk...and she sews, and quilts, and she is simply delightful........oh, and she's a Gemini just like me!!!

I've also been cooking up a storm and knitting some new things....I can once again see sock yarn and knit on small needles!!!! Life is incredibly good!!!



connie said...

What a great time. Enjoy.

Jeannie said...

Ethel is looking pretty fine in YOUR outfit! I know you two will best of friends. Annie's studio is beautiful and her artwork - wow! Incredibly talented woman. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

Eva said...

Ethel will be very helpful, I'm sure. By the way, I know a method how to build one's own dress form. A very good friend of mine teaches this method. You need a helper, an old t-shirt you're ready to discard, a huge lot of packing tape and scissors. Then you put on your best bra and the old t. then the upper part of your torso is mummyfied with the tape, until it is stiff. Then it is cut open by the side seams (this splits the old t in two, but take care not to cut the bra...) and the halves are removed, rearranged and fixed by more packing tape, until you have a firm, steady form which reflects the shape of your body perfectly. This takes half a day work.
But now you have Ethel as a friend, and she would be rather jealous, I guess.

Joyce said...

I always wanted a dress form when I was sewing garments. Now that I mostly quilt I have given up on the idea. Seeing Ethel, I'm not so sure...
Glad to hear you are seeing clearly.

Anonymous said...

Ethel is very cool and will be a great help, and just wait until your second eye is fixed. These cataract procedures are amazing! We're so looking forward to seeing you and C on Monday!

Elizabeth said...

I love your outfit!! It will look so much better on you than on Ethel!! The fabric for the skirt is glorious!! Did you create the fabric after your Kansas City adventure this spring????

I guess that you have successfully squashed my last semi valid excuse for a messy studio and a schizo phrenic art style focus!!!! I was saying that it is all because I am a Gemini!! After seeing you friends studio, I am left with NO EXCUSES!!!! Where is all of her stuff???? Is she a true gemini like you and I or is she on the cusp???? It makes a big difference you know!!! :)


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Ethel has a nice figure =)