Saturday, September 12, 2009

Swirly Gig and other Dye Jobs

I wanted to show you the progress (slow, but sure) that I am making on my soy silk fusion piece. I took it to the condo a few months ago and vowed that I would spend about an hour a day beading it.....on the days that we were there, of course! I did pretty well until we started having company, and then it became a challenge. I got it out recently and really put my nose to the grindstone. This past week, I decided to bring it back home and do some quilting on the background.

It told me it wanted a bit more beading yesterday and then I began some utility quilting. The quilting is addictive! I had intended to do just a little bit more this afternoon, but that turned into a couple of hours, and I still have more that I want to do. I've decided it will be called Swirly Gig.
Here is a detail shot of the beading:

So now the question is, how shall I finish it? There are so many options: mounting it on stretcher bars, mounting it on canvas, hanging it from bamboo a la Gerrie, facing it and adding a hanging sleeve a la Rayna, or mounting it on some rusty tin. Opinions anyone??? And feel free to add other options!

I've ventured out into my dyeing studio several times today. It was a gorgeous day here with temps in the mid 80s and abundant sunshine. I tinkered with a few ideas, dipping some cottons and silks into various dye baths. Nothing special, just playing around and seeing how different fibers and dyes play together. I like it when there's no pressure on me to finish one or two particular items. Exploring is always fun, and I learn so much!



Eva said...

Very sensuous little fary bed, the pink one! I'd really hang it from a branch or cane, but one found in the shrubs. The blue experiments are interesting, too. Sometimes the best things happen unintended.

Eva said...

fairy, I mean

Carol said...

Just love it - the prettiest thing. Eva's right, it's a fairy bed. I also agree with her that I'd hang it from a twig or something to keep the ethereal quality. So beautiful. The blue pieces look as though they'll offer a lot of fun for you. Nice colours. And welcome to Ethel. What a great figure she has! XX

Jeannie said...

My first reaction was an ornate piece of rod iron or curly willow. Whatever you choose, you don't want it to overpower the artwork. Have fun.

Elizabeth said...

Oh the beading bug has really bitten hasn't it??!!! Isn't it fun when you want to continue on with the handwork for ever!!! Love the qyuilting that you ahve done with piece!
I think that you should get a plain stretched canvas that is wrapped all the way around to the back and paint if a solid color that compliments your piece. Jo-ANN sells them at really good prices!! the canvas should be bigger than the piece. You could even paint the canvas black and then mount the piece onto the painted canvas and the piece would make a seamless transition into the canvas and then mount it onto the wall. Laura Cater Woods does this sort of thing and it is very effective - I have one of her pieces that she hasmounted this way and I LOVE it!!

the joy in your written voice is so wonderful- you are going to be over the moon once you get your other peeper taken care of!!! Terrific!!

Jeff Hickmott said...

I love that! The photo could be a really cool background for a blog!! Love the beading. See you tonight for meatloaf?