Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Treasure Trove

As I was sorting through some linens in my laundry room this afternoon, the old phrase "one man's junk is another man's treasure" really rang true! I was looking for a particular piece of old lace that I just knew I had somewhere, but of course I couldn't locate it. Instead, I came across these lovely old linens that I had totally forgotten I had! When my mother moved here and into a retirement community about 10 years ago, these linens were the first things she threw out! I was right behind her, picking them out of the trash!!! First of all, I had such fond memories of these hankies from when she actually 'wore' them (am I the only one who remembers when ladies wore crocheted or tatted hankies in their breast pockets?), and I also thought that at some point in my life I might actually put them to some good use. Interestingly enough, while visiting with Mom this morning, she showed me an activity sheet that she had filled out the other day, and she had written on it that one of her favorite past times long ago had been tatting and crocheting. I never knew until today that she could tat!!! Sadly, her vision is now very compromised, and she is unable to do these activities. However, I am hoping now to make some sort of wall hanging for her which will incorporate some of her vintage hankies.

I got a bit teary-eyed when I came across these. The two on the right are embroidered "Sweetheart U.S. Air Corps". My Dad served in that branch of the military (now the Air Force) during WWII, and he must have sent those to her. How sweet! The hanky on the lower left is one that I remember her wearing so very well!

Here's a little more detailed shot of it. I don't think we can purchase such finely woven cottons anymore.....and the cutwork or hemstitching is very nice.

These are true treasures, and I'm so glad that I've reacquainted myself with them!



Jeannie said...

Beautiful treasures and a great idea to preserve the memories for your Mom. I am always amazed at the fine handwork on old linens and wished they could tell me the stories of their makers. Cheers.

Joyce said...

The fabric and delicate work in some of those old hankies is amazing. I have some that were given to me but I'm not sure what I'll do with them. They seem too delicate to use in a quilt.

Eva said...

I have a little stash like this somewhere -- Mom's hankies..., and just the other day I thought of using them for some art piece... Have to find them.
How good you saved them from being dumped!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely hankies and a lot of nice memories.
Kram Eva