Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have a gazillion beautiful pictures to show you tonight, from another wonderful day of Shibori at the Barn with Jan Myers-Newbury......but Blogger is being very uncooperative, so I guess you will just have to wait another day? I am very tired, having awakened at 5:45 this morning, eagerly anticipating another day in class. Jan went around the classroom this morning, and had each one of us shared our plan for our quilt, in order for us to narrow down the manner in which we would be doing our shibori, and also decide on our color palette. It was so helpful to me, and also gave each of us the opportunity to really admire our classmates' pieces............after all, there are 21 of us! We spent the afternoon and early evening clamping, wrapping, twisting, stitching, stirring, rinsing, washing, drying, ironing, and hanging our lovely pieces. It's truly a labor of love, this Shibori.
So, I'm outta here for tonight, but please come back tomorrow if you want to see some yummy dye works!



Jeannie said...

I'll have the popcorn ready tomorrow night for the slide show! I do hope you are having a wonderful time and becoming energized creatively. Have fun!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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