Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Have Pictures!

We're takin' it easy this evening and don't really have any homework, except to 'have a plan' for the art quilt we intend to construct using some of our fabrics. Jan has instructed that we now must have a goal when we are dyeing....no more playing around, not that that wasn't important in the first two days of class! It's been truly wonderful: I've learned so much, all 21 of us get along beautifully, and the facility is pretty phenomenal....and should I tell you about the meals???? Margaret Wolf is an incredible chef. She feeds us very healthy, fresh, and delicious meals....all with a smiling face....and she knows our names!

This photo is of a small portion of the dye studio (our classroom is next door and equally as spacious). Here, some of my classmates are doing direct dye applications to their fabric. The pieces will dry and then be manipulated.

This is not the most complimentary photo of either Nancy or Jan, but I wanted to show you our dye pots while they are 'cooking'. Jan has a very methodical system, and after
one or two go rounds, we all know our rolls, and do well with the system.

Here's another shot of the dye studio with all of our mechanical resist implements laid out to dry.

OK, this is going to look a bit crazy, but I wanted
to show you the two pieces that I completed today that make my heart sing the very most. Unfortunately Blogger is not letting me do that, without posting more and more pics of one of the pieces. So please bear with me here! I hope you can get the idea. Aren't they pretty!

Of course my classmates, like Gerrie's friends Carol and Karen, are making some phenomenal pieces as well, but do you think I'm going to show you theirs, here? LOL!



Jeannie said...

Gorgeous fabric, Judy! Keep having fun!

Gerrie said...

Those are very beautiful. Isn't it phenomenal how Jan has the whole thing organized so that no one person can hog the dye vats? It is so egalitarian.

Rayna said...

Jan is certainly organized! We had one pain in the butt person in our class who didn't do her share of the work but that's another story.

Meantime, give Karen Rips a hug for me.

Terry said...

Gorgeous stuff!

Eva said...

It must be fun to be working in this kind of art kitchen. Gorgeous results! Can't wait to see your finished work.

Karen said...

I agree we are having a fabulous time and wish Gerrie were here to enjoy.

Elizabeth said...

Ok ! You are killing me here!!! What a fabulous experience!! SO cool to have a goal in mind as you dye- that is real discipline!! YoUR FAVORITE PIECES ARE REALLY STUNNING!!

Amanda said...

your pictures are very educational. I love your fabrics.

Carol said...

What a dream studio! And your favourite pieces are absolutely stunning. I can't even begin to imagine how you've made that beautiful effect. Enjoy every moment of the workshop and keep posting photos please. ooxx

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

If you haven't bought Margaret's cookbook yet you must.
tonight for dinner (at home) I had her artichoke lasagna - to die for.