Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goings On

Today was one of those wonderful days that you wished would never end. Do you have days like that? You become so involved in just being, doing, and enjoying each and every moment that you foolishly imagine that it will never end! HA!!! Anyway, I have really been wanting to do some gelatin monoprints so yesterday I mixed up some gelatin plates in eager anticipation of some play time in my wonderful studio.
Can I tell you just this one more time how nice it is to have TWO LARGE WINDOWS in my studio and TWO EYES that can clearly SEE!!!
Life is good y'all!
But I degress. I have been dreaming about several projects which curiously enough involve gelatin prints, a medium I seldom use or feel totally comfortable using. I got out my trusty guide, Rayna's book, and after reading her chapter on gelatin prints, I felt a bit more at ease in tackling this playday. (Just as an aside: when I took Rayna's class at John C. Campbell Folk School, I had a serious sinus attack and spent the morning with the Doc in the Box while Rayna and my classmates played with gelatin monoprints. Rayna graciously took her entire evening walking me through the process, but I've never felt really comfortable with it.)
I love this particular 'brand' of oak leaf, and was pleased to capture it on my gelatin plate. When Barker and I walked this morning, I grabbed a handful of leaves, hoping to print them. You may see more in days and weeks to come.

Then I got down and dirty with this plate, and really had some fun

Here are some of my prints hanging up to dry when my playtime was over:

As you may have heard, we are having our fair share of preci
pitation these days. According to C, my local weatherman, there were 4" of rain in our gauge by noontime Monday....and this is how our backyard looked:
It has continued to rain off and on since then, but thankfully
our lake is no longer living in our backyard. The good news is that our Lake Lanier is back to full pool.....and October is supposed to be our dry month!



Gerrie said...

There you are! I was about to send one of my where the heck are you text messages!! And there you are having creative fun!!

Gerrie said...

PS: Love your gelatin prints.

Jeannie said...

Yep, I was just starting an "are you ok" message when I saw you had posted. I love the gelatin prints and the plates are so colorful I thought you were using kid's square balls to bounce dye onto fabric. Keep playing and having fun!

Rayna said...

Gee, was I really that gracious? Well, keep at it, Judy - you're doing fine! Can't wait to see what you do with these prints.

Carol said...

Last time I tried gelatin prints was 30 years ago in another life as a preschool teacher. I think we made Christmas cards. You make it look like great fun and your prints are wonderful. So pleased to hear you're feeling so well and enthusiastic about life. OOXX

Eva said...

Must have been a great day yesterday. I was so good to read this. Wish I had been there. The prints really must have been fun.
It was a lucky day for us, too!

Elizabeth said...

Hi!! Having major computer issues just when my fav computer geek is off in Finland- i feel so out of touch!! love your gelatin prints!! My only problem with this technique is STOPPINGGG!!!!!! I kept going for three days after I finished my seminar!!!
Glad that the Lake is back to full! We are finally getting some rain!!!Hugs!

ruthanne said...

Hi, my fiber arts group plus a few friends are coming to my barn for a play day on 11/7. We will be printing with gelatin plates. I hope mine turn out as interesting as yours. Have you used alcohol ink on any projects? I will post some pictures if its a good day.